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16.05.2018 - 04:16

Net Worth Post

When you want to become like your favorite celebrity icon, then you just need to go to the Net Worth Post website where you will be able to get the amount of money they earn in the whole year and various other details regarding the life and style of the celebrity.

Know more about the famous Ranz from


Net Worth Post


The famous Youtuber Ranz was born in the year 1997 on the 6th of May. Going by the full name of Ranz Kyle Viniel Evidente, he is from the city San Juan from Philippines. He is not just a dancer, but also quite the internet personality as well the famous Youtuber and gained or shot to fame bit being the creator of a video where he dances behind the song by Chris Brown having thr title I Should’ve Kissed you.



Ranz has successfully running his YouTube Channel


It has been as long as the year 2008, that Ranz has been a famous part of the internet and has been quite the active one on it. Now you might wonder how much his net worth is given he is quite the famous personality on the internet in the current of times.



He has quite the net worth as per the Net Worth Post


Well, you are not wrong because he has a whopping net worth amounting to about 700,000 dollars as per the various Net Worth Post you will find Ans as per the data that has been collected in the year 2018. One of the biggest source from where Ranz earns so much money and fame is through the internet.


Ranz Kyle was raised by his parents who go by the name of ElmidEvidence and LenzOng see and he has a sister and both of them were raised in city San Juan. Far the divorce of his parents, his mother got married again and Ranz got his half siblings from her.


He was enrolled in the Montessori school The Seed Montessori and right after that he competed his college from the Don Bosco Technical college base in Mandaluyong. Right from the very age of nine, Ranz has bene extremely fond of the art of dancing.



His You Tube channel has quite the millions of subscribers


As far as his professional career goes, he has been the owner of the channel from the year 2008. On his channel he creates several videos of his dancing, edits video and then uploads on his channel which goes by the name of Kyle YouTube Channel.


Till data, the channel ha about as large as four million of subscribers. Most of his videos which he posts on his channel gets an average view of 450 million. He shits to fame because of his videos like “when Shape of you comes on” or “when Closer Comes on”. Click here for more details.

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