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10.05.2017 - 10:32

Steps for Filing An Insurance Claim For Accident Repairs

An insurance claim serves as a reimbursement when undertake accident repairs. It is the duty of the insurance company to compensate for the damages that happened to your car during the accident.

An accident can happen in many ways but reimbursement from an insurance company totally depends upon the terms and conditions of the policy you have opted. Every policy has a different coverage terms, but most of the policy covers accident repairs that have happened when your car has collided with another vehicle. After the accident, you need to follow some necessary steps that will help you to get insurance company representing you in this matter. Many insurance companies try to provide minimum coverage to their clients by citing wrong clauses, but if you follow certain steps, then you will get the reimbursement you deserve.

Steps to Claim for Accident Repairs


Following steps will help you get the reimbursement for your repair from the insurance company:

  • Contact the police: After the crash, you should immediately contact the police so that they can document all the details about the accident and it will be used as an official record. You will get the account of the whole incident from police report as they are always there to help you. This report should be collected from the police department because it will act as a proof for all the claims you will make to your insurance company. You should get in touch with government vehicular control department, who will clear the necessary paper work clearing you of any wrong doing and certifying that you are worthy of the claim.


  • Collect the necessary information: To cover your repairs from the accident, you need to collect all the necessary information which acts as a proof. You can even take photos of the damaged section as well as bring better clarity to the actual sequence of events by documenting the location of the accident. This has be used to convince the your insurance company when you claim for reimbursement. It is crucial to list all the details possible in the claim report so that insurance company is obliged to act in your favor. Most of the insurance companies try to opt out from a particular part of coverage when they don't get enough evidence backing that fact.


  • Call the insurance company: You can call the insurance company from the place of the accident or after some hours when you have regained your normal self. A representative from the insurance company will assist in dealing with the situation, and they will direct you on what you need to do. They will even escort you and your car to a safe place so that you won't have to face any hassle. This representative will also assist you to submit your report for the claim.


  • Get assistance from a claim expert: After filing the complaint report, you will get assistance from a claim expert who will take care of all the legal terms. They will examine the accident and will help you get all the necessary coverage for repairing your vehicle.


  • Get total estimated cost: The claim expert will calculate the total estimated cost that will be needed to repair your car and as to how much coverage the insurance company will offer. Not every policy provides complete reimbursement, but a proper insurance policy provides maximum coverage for a repair.


After everything gets sorted by your claim expert, then you can give your car to a body shop for repair.

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