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24.04.2017 - 06:56

Luxurious LV Bags

Louis Vuitton is the largest handbag brand in the globe. Not only does it sit atop opulence industry indexes, however it has a handbag past as long and storied as any in style.

Elegant Chanel bags for highly placed women in the society


A French fashion company which is ready to wear house and all luxury goods and accessories for women.  The fashion designers are designing clothes which define dignity and elegance of womanhood. These products are always personified by actresses and celebrities, overdesigned and fashionable garments. Chanel products are very comfortable and also very much affordable.


The fashion house for bags and accessories

It is a revolutionary brand which is high-end fashion as well as fashion for regular life. It has replaced silhouettes structured, which is always very flattering for women's fashion.

They have introduced differently to show the boldness and liberation of women empowerment. The fabric is very comfortable to use. It's quilted and having leather trimmings.

It maintains the quality of fabrics, which is at the high end and its form also when it is being worn.

It has products for an extensive range of women fashion.

An elegant Chanel leather bags are renowned and highly accomplished.


History of Chanel fashion house and its products

Chanel is started during 1909, where it is opened on the ground floor of a flat. Gradually she had ventured in different aspects of women fashion.

They had their excellence all fashionable garments, sportswear and all kinds of lingerie. Finally, they have a high-end designer in the context of handbags.

Perfumes are still capturing the market. Chanel handbags are classic which is made up of quilted leather. So that it can be carried on shoulders as well as hands.


Handbags and its background


House of Chanel introduced handbags with luxury leather as well purse also. It is valued for their design and stylishness, as well as elegant and dignity. So that when you carry, you fell complete and accomplished.

Handbags are very fashionably designed to carry personal items of women. Purses still defined in British as coin bag. In the early 1900s, this handbag word and use came into existence. It is a term associated with accessories. During 1700 embroidery was done my women to design handbags.


Types of Chanel handbags

During the Industrial revolution, all the types of bags like a pouch clutch and as well handbags came into existence.


There are so many types of Handbags. Famous and elegant Chanel bags brand are popular and high in fashion is very conventional in its styles.

It is built with quilted leather of small bowling bags and also lambskin bag in black. There is a logo CC on the front of the bag, which symbolizes the brand.

Calf-skin leather

Caviar leather

Python leather

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