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20.04.2017 - 10:15

Enjoy the Summer 10 Best Cars For a Hot Family Trip

Check my list for the best vehicles o enjoy your family vacation!

Summer is a perfectly suitable time for a family trip. This period of the year is excellent for those who like enjoying sunny days relaxing on the beach and…traveling by car.

However, not all the cars are suitable for summer trips. Therefore, we’ve gathered 10 best cars for summer in the following list. So, find your favorite vehicle right now…

Volkswagen Beetle

Is there a more suitable car for summer trips than Volkswagen Beetle cabriolet? We don’t think so. The new Volkswagen Beetle Convertible has become much sportier, but it still provides a good opportunity to experience a true pleasure of driving in a warm season. Equipped with diesel engine TDI, which consumes only 5.9 liters per 100 kilometers, this car is suitable for long-distance traveling. Moreover, it features very comfortable interior, even in spite of the compact car body.


Chevrolet Silverado

For many of us, summer is the best time for hiking, fishing, and trips to the countryside. For this reason, a small car is not the best solution. Therefore, Chevrolet Silverado is an optimal choice thanks to its large trunk and load-carrying capacity. Despite the fact that Silverado has a lower carrying capacity than Ford F-Series or RAM pick-ups, the car is better prepared for traveling and other summer activities due to lower fuel consumption and folding of the rear seats.


Jeep Grand Cherokee

It's not a secret that this is a very popular car, especially among travelers. The new Grand Cherokee has recently undergone many changes. A new generation of legendary SUV has received a new modernized transmission, which increases the car's power and saves fuel. With one full tank you can drive over 1120 kilometers. Thanks to the combination of power, refinement and economy, Jeep Grand Cherokee can be considered the best car for summer trips in its class.


Jaguar F-Type

Jaguar f-Type could not be missed anyway. This is the first real sports car from Jaguar for the last 10 years. F-Type is a two-seater roadster available with two types of engines: V6 and V8. Also, there’s an S-package, which is more powerful than the standard F-Type on 40 hps (the standard car has 340 hps).
So, this sporty Jaguar is the best car for romantic summer trips as well as for unforgettable family weekends.


Buick Enclave

Perhaps, this is the best vehicle for family trips. Buick offers a luxurious and comfortable interior, which is ideal for long-distance trips. Many experts said that Enclave is the main competitor of Mercedes-Benz GL-class, but Buick Enclave is much better in terms of additional options. Smart infotainment and entertainment system and a new instrument panel will make your trip more cheerful and hassle-free. If you have planned a long trip with the whole family, Buick Enclave will be also an excellent guide on unfamiliar roads.

Acura RLX

Want to feel a weightless flight from enjoying driving a car? Acura RLX is the best way to do it. It offers the following advantages:

14 HD speakers of the audio system, which are more powerful than any home music center;
16 LED lamps with lenses in the front lights, which will help you see at night everything you need;
Full drive with intelligent control system, which provides confidence on any road.
Climate control associated with a satellite GPS system that determines the position of the sun and regulates the temperature inside of the car.

As you can see, this is the best sedan for summer trips, especially for young people.


Subaru XV Crosstrek

Subaru is a synonym for adventures and traveling. And Crosstrek XV is not an exception. Externally, the new SUV from Subaru is created in the style of Impreza. Comparing with other SUVs of this class, Crosstrek XV has a greater ground clearance. Driving qualities, handling and fuel-efficiency make Subaru Crosstrek XV something like an expensive Swiss watch. Do you have an alternative? Probably, you don’t...


Ford Shelby GT500

Equipped with a 5.8 liter V8 engine, Ford Shelby GT500 is a great choice for fans of fast driving, because the top speed of the car is 325 km/h, which is slightly less than half the cruise speed of the Boeing 737.

Therefore, if there has been a long delay in flights at the airport, you can easily get to another airport fast enough. Shelby GT500 is the best car for summer in terms of fast moving from point A to point B. But that's only theoretically. Remember, that you cannot drive at high speed on public roads!

Mercedes-Benz GLK250

This SUV can be considered an excellent solution for traveling. Despite some tightness in the car when traveling with the whole family, due to its fuel-efficiency Mercedes-Benz GLK250 will save money for fuel. So the car’s fuel consumption is 6.7 liters / 100 km, which is not bad for such a car.


Mazda 6

Mazda 6 is a stunning family sedan with a comfortable and spacious interior. Sometimes it is difficult to decide which car to choose for traveling with the whole family, but Mazda 6 will not disappoint you. Excellent exterior, competently tuned suspension and significant fuel economy (6,2l / 100km) make Mazda 6 an excellent car for summer trips!

So, each of these cars provides maximum comfort for driver and passengers, and will be a reasonable choice for summer traveling. In case you want to use any of these cars for your forthcoming trip, you can easily reserve your vehicle at any destination you need…

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