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22.12.2017 - 16:54

Top 5 Latest Automotive Brands

The automotive industry is one of the most developed industries in the World because cars are universally used by everyone.

Automotive brands are ranked depending on the following seven categories; safety, quality, value, performance, environmental friendliness, design/style and technology. There are multiple car brands in the world but there following is the list of the top 5 latest automotive brands.




This is a Japanese car brand that has been on the top post for several years. Toyota is a multicar brand because of its broad target market. These cars are affordable and quiet dependable when it comes to different geographical locations. Toyota cars are excellent on roads especially with the new installed road safety technology in each car manufactured from 2010. Car enthusiasts love Toyota because of its minimal fuel consumption which is rather convenient for people who are on tight budgets when spending their finances on fuel. Toyota cars are easy to maintain because they do not require much attention when it comes to replacing spare parts and fueling. Toyota is considered to the best car brand in the world because of its simplicity, reliability and convenience when it comes to pricing and features. They also have dealers in almost all 190 countries with headquarters in Tokyo and manufacturing plants in China.




This is an American car brand which is much appreciated by millions of Americans. Most car owners in America purchase Ford cars than any other car brand in the world. It’s probably the most popular car brand in US. These cars are excellent road performers because of its smooth engine operation and all the cars have luxurious accessories for young children and adults. Upcoming Ford seem promising such as the much anticipated hybrids which are environmental friendly.




Its headquarters is based in Minota, Tokyo. Over the past years it has shown excellent improvements in terms of the past two sales and reliability to consumers. Honda cars are exceptionally perfect for convenience because they are in many designs and styles. They are cheap to maintain and fuel. However, it`s not perfectly ranked as Toyota. Honda and Toyota are termed as national car rivals in Japan. Honda has many automotive products such as generators, jets, motorcycles, scooters and SUVs. What makes Honda stand out from all the brands its safety features and mileage technology. The most common predicament for most car brands is safety. Luckily, Ford was ranked as the best car company with perfect safety measures and innovations especially for young children.




This is American car brand. It is popular among car enthusiast because of its high tech road performance. The car brand is common especially among Americans who love trucks, vans and SUVs. Their cars are perfect for all kinds of roads whether rocky or muddy roads, they won’t disappoint. Most car races use Chevrolets in rough terrains because of tyre quality and hydraulics.


Mercedes Benz


This is a German car brand which is ranked as the richest car manufacturer in the world. These cars are extremely luxurious because of its remarkable performance. These cars are rather expensive when it comes to maintenance and fuel consumption. All these brands have branches in the United Kingdom as long as car owners have a legitimate British Driving Licence.

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