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25.03.2017 - 05:21

Louis Vuitton wallet

Louis Vuitton men’s wallet is the new sensation in the market for men who are into the fashion and want to make an impression which is unique in all ways.

How to spot a fake Louis Vuitton wallet?




When it comes to Louis Vuitton, there is no doubt that it is one of the best brands in the market for accessories. This is why there are so many fakes and counterfeits out there as well. When you buy a seemingly perfect LV product, you must make sure that it is indeed original and not the fake.


So how do you go about doing this in the first place? There are certain tips and tricks which you can follow to achieve that goal. So without further ado, here is everything you need to know about spotting a fake LV wallet or any other LV accessory for that matter.


The Stitches


The stitches on an original LV wallet are without question one of the dead giveaways on whether it is indeed original or not. If the stitches seem sloppy or jagged in nature, it is highly possible that it is a counterfeit. The SPI or stitches per inch is also a great indicator of this. Higher the SPI count, better would be the chances if it was genuine.




Also, keep in mind that the patterns of a Louis Vuitton walletwhich are original will be equally spaced and untilled in nature. Any deviation from this is usually a signal of the product being fake or counterfeit. So do keep that in mind.


Upside Down LV's


Not all the authentic LV wallets will have an upside down LV. However, most of them do and are made from a single continuous piece of leather which also happens to be seamless as well. This is particularly the case as far as the Speedy styles and Papillons are concerned. So when you buy an LV product, remember to check this out.


Seller Details


This one applies only if you are planning to purchase a Louis Vuitton walletfrom an online store. It is a must that you check the details of the seller you are buying from. If it seems fishy or doubtful, do not go with it. Read the customer reviews and then decide if you should continue with the purchase or not.




So the conclusion that you can draw from all this is that you should be extra careful when buying anything, especially if it is something as sensitive as a huge brand name like Louis Vuitton. Follow all the tips mentioned above, however, and you should be just fine. Click here to know more details about Louis Vuitton wallets.

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