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17.03.2017 - 06:36

Gucci bags for women

Women can’t live without stylish handbags, and Gucci understands this so well. There is Gucci handbag always to realize you the fashion trend and the perfect partner for your dress.

Gucci bags: ruling women’s heart forever


If you are looking for a bag, there is nothing better you can get over Gucci. The brand is Italian presenting you the finest designs and the best quality bags for all the needs and occasions. You can easily get the bags online and also from the outlets near you. If you have no idea about the outlets nearby, then you can get this information from the official Gucci website. The website gives you the best chance to discover the style in handbags and also to get the best of thenew release.


Choosing bags from Legend

Gucci founded almost 95 years back is the most wanted brand in fashion and handbags. The brand offers all types of handbags including backpacks, sports bags, gym duffle bags, bowling bags and much more. You will get pouches as well from a starting price of $750. Initially, the material used for making the bags was either canvas or jute and hemp. The luggage bags and handbags were designed to form these materials, and they are still being used for bags.


Fabric for everyone

There are different fabrics used to print different and unique designs on the bags. The Gucci bagsused the following different types of materials:


Gucci canvas
Vintage web style
Guccissima fabric
Micro Guccissima
Floral leather


Style and symbols for life

Among the different fabrics, the most common ones are the Guccissima which have the symbol if Gucci embossed or printed on it. The fabric became the signature style of Gucci bagsand became a forever styled fabric with Gucci. The interlocking GG signature logo of Gucci was introduced in the 1960s and is being used till present day.


The horse bit style of Gucci was first printed on loafers, but soon it started coming on handbags and other Gucci products. The bamboo handle was the most liked one among celebrities, but this still was not continued for long and was given up for better modifications.


Change in style: then and now

The piston lock and crest of Gucci was taken ahand in hand, and it became the proud symbol of being a Gucci user. There were many styles introduced in Gucci bagslike the Jackie, Sukey, Boston, Bamboo handle, Pelham, and Hysteria. But with changing fashion, the design of the bags changed.


Now Gucci offers bags in styles of Soho, 1973, Emily Chain, Swing, Stirrup, Marrakech, Bucket bags and Nice. These different styles will go with all your attires, and you don’t have to worry about doing anything much after having a Gucci bag at your side. For more details visit: http://www.luxtime.su/gucci-bags

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