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28.02.2017 - 11:35

Tips for selling your car

You have spent a number of years driving around with your car. It’s taken you everywhere, from work to home and on a number of road trips along the way. But now the time has come to let it go. You have to sell your car.


Here are a few guidelines on how to get yourself ready for that sale.




Make sure you have the necessary documents at hand.




The title is the legal document that states that the car officially belongs to you. When you sell the car you will have to sign it and give it over to its new owner.


Warranty documents


If the vehicle has a warranty from the dealership then the documents need to be sent to the owner.


Inspection documents


If you take your car for an inspection before the sale then you can hand the documents over to the buyer. It will let the potential buyer know the car has been checked for any major flaws.


Service documents


If your car has been in service over the years for the maintenance of the vehicle, this will increase the chances of a sale. If you don’t have the receipts for the services, you can get them from the dealership or from the place where you serviced your car.


Clean your car


Make sure your car is spick and span. The more presentable your car looks, the more likely you will get a sale. Ensure there is no dirt in between the seats and that your glove box is clean. Remove all items in the boot to make sure it looks neat and tidy. The first thing that will attract a buyer is a vehicle that looks like it has been maintained over the years. If it looks neglected, chances are the buyer will be hesitant.




When a buyer purchases a vehicle from you, they expect that you’ll be truthful about everything. If the car has been totalled, be honest in your dealings.  Do not try to disguise any defects in the car in order to make a sale. Let the potential buyer know what they are getting themself into. If you have just repainted your car, you should be honest and sell the car at a decreased value. If the buyer takes the car for an inspection and a mechanic lets them know the car was repainted, then this could cost you a sale. If the electronic windows or car stereo doesn’t work, tell the truth.




Your car needs to be safe enough to be driven around on the road. If is not, it should not be sold to an unsuspecting customer. Cars that are not roadworthy contribute to collisions on the road. Selling a car that is not meant to be on the road is unethical. And you are putting the buyer's life at risk. The insurance company will also not pay out for any claims for an unroadworthy vehicle. The exhaust system, engine, wheels and other parts of the car need to be tested by you in order to ensure that they are in the right condition.


The potential buyer will probably want to have an inspection on the car done by their own mechanic. It will not be wise to let the buyer go alone with your car. You need to ensure you are there when they go to the mechanic.



When you make the decision to sell your car, you will need to advertise it. Take good pictures of your car, that will attract the buyer. And include a few details about the car, its mileage, VIN numbers, the price of the car and other important facts. Make sure you’re completely honest about the condition of the car. A buyer will be more inclined to purchase the vehicle from an owner they can trust.

Test driving


The potential buyer will probably request a test drive of the car. Choose to meet in a public space, where it will be busy. It could be at a police station or shopping mall. You need to ensure that you are safe and that your insurance will cover the potential buyer if they get involved in a collision. If the insurance says they will not cover the driver, they need to bring their own policy. You should make sure that a person is with you when you take the car on a test drive. If no one can come with you make sure that someone else knows where you are going. And they have the time of when you should be back.


Selling your pre-owned car does not need to be a hassle.  You need to make sure that you are completely open and honest during the sale. The car needs to be at a condition that is roadworthy. And you need to make sure you have done preparations beforehand, you have the correct documents and that the car is in the right condition.


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