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21.02.2017 - 05:20

Facts That You Must Know About Server Colocation

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A company stores all of its important, downloadable and susceptible data, such as web pages, onto a server. Colocation facility hauls and stores these servers in its data center through a process called colocation. Therefore, the company shares bandwidth with the Bulgaria colocation provider and avoids bandwidth charges.

These are most of the benefits of europe colocation service.

Saves money, time and space

You do everything remotely aside from the initial installations when you decide to use colocation facilities. Your company receives an IP address after the initial installation of the server. The IP address allows you and your clients to access data anytime. You remain in control of your internet infrastructure because the provider allows you access to your data center anytime you feel it is necessary. The colocation facilities provide supervision during the access of the infrastructure.

By placing the bandwidth responsibility with the Colocation provider, you avoid paying a charge for it. The provider will charge you only for the space your server takes up.

People are often confused between colocation and dedicated servers. Colocation is similar to and is confused with a dedicated server if the company only rents the server. Dedicated servers allow you to have complete control over the server. However, the provider still owns the machine. Ownership of the equipment allows a great deal of freedom in the setup and operation of the server. It is true that purchasing equipment has a higher initial cost. However, the long-term costs connected with ownership are less than the continued payments for dedicated servers. Ownership ensures full usage of the CPU, disk, and memory resources available and allows the owner complete control over security.

Less technical problems and readily available technical support

Colocation facilities deal with problems that might arise in the normal function of servers. The colocation provider also keeps the servers running even during power outages because of backup power. Colocation facilities own generators that run on diesel power. These generators start automatically when utility power fails.

The facility provides air conditioning for the computer and telecommunications equipment in the building. In addition, colocation facilities offer multiple locations for fiber optic cables to enter the building. These multiple locations provide redundancy so that communications can continue even during the event of damage to one or more bundles of cables. Some facilities also have wireless backup connections, for example via satellite.

Trained staff of the Colocation facility monitors your server and take action when needed.

The Colocation facility provides monitoring tools. These monitoring tools supervise the performance of your web operations. A team of skilled engineers makes modifications upon the notification of the server's owner.

Added Security

Colocation facilities provide a highly secure place for your data. The provider protects your data from malicious attacks and theft.

Colocation facilities are applicable for large bandwidth applications, web servers, e-mail servers, and other forms of online businesses. Small businesses who want all the benefits of having a popular website without all the hassle can also rely on server colocation.

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