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09.02.2017 - 12:09

Sri lanka holiday packages

Taya Finch, a luxury tour agent in Sri Lanka, is a dream destination for guests from around the world also we make your holiday the most reminisced of all.

Know More AboutSrilanka Holiday Packages


Are you really planning for your next holiday venture but you are still confused about deciding the place? In that case you should really consider Sri lanka holidays. Sri Lanka is highly pampered with god’s own nature. Now you should know about the  things that you should explore in Sri Lanka-


1.) Buddhism

Sri Lanka is the oldest continually Buddhist country as the religion was introduced in the 2nd Century BC by the son of India's Ashoka Emperor, the Venerable Mahinda.. The ancient Cave Temples of Dambulla, about 3 hours North from Galle, offer some of the oldest paintings and Buddha statues.


2.) Elephants Safe Haven

Elephants have been hunted close to extinction for the value of their ivory tusks. Sri Lanka offers a truly beautiful wildlife sanctuary for them close to Galle where it is possible to volunteer as well. Veterinarians caring for those majestic animals overlook the Elephant Welfare Project and provide a rich opportunity to learn from their expertise as well as realize important work for the world's ecosystem.


3.) Tree of Enlightenment

In the 3rd century BC, the founder of Buddhist nuns, Sanghamitta, brought a branch from Buddha's Fig tree -aka The Tree of Enlightenment - to Anuradhapura. For 1,300 years, this city was the Ceylonese capital but it was abandoned suddenly in 993 after being invaded. This gorgeous World Heritage Site sits in the middle of dense tropical forests that were impenetrable for many years. Today, its historic palaces, monasteries and monuments surround the sacred Bodhi tree that has grown out of that initial branch and people are free to visit this sacred piece of land.


4.) Colombo

The capital of Sri Lanka is where most travelers come through as it houses the biggest airport. Founded in the 5th Century, Colombo was the gateway for trade between Asia and the West. Days can easily be spent on the beach of Mount Lavinia or visiting some city landmarks such as GangaramayaVihara; one of the most beautiful Buddhist temple in the country due to its brass work and stone carvings. The city also houses Pettah, one of the oldest districts in the city that has now been transformed into a marketplace


5.) Dining

Sri Lankans eat with their right hand, never their left, and use either bread or small portions of rice as a 'utensil'. By emptying their plate, one indicates that they are still hungry. so leaving a small amount of food in your plate states that one is full. Most residents are vegetarians. However, meat dishes are easily found in most restaurants. Albeit a small nation, each region of the country has a unique food culture. Spice levels range from spicy to mild and flavor profiles vary even when a dish sports the same name.


6.) Rural life

In Negombo, a city just north of Colombo, the spirit of living on the water still remains. It is transpierced by canals snaking on for 100 km which locals navigate the same way they do in Southeast Asia. The fishermen living on the lagoon still reside in thatch palm villages and carve out their own canoes on which their livelihood depends. The lagoon also houses the Muthurajawela Marsh Land; a 14,826 acre protected mangroves park home to over 190 species of wildlife.


7.) Orphanages

Often referred to as Children's Homes, Sri Lanka is home to many orphans that love the opportunity to interact with various people. These children are eager to learn and a joy to work amongst. Unfortunately, many children are abandoned by parents who are simply unable to properly care for them. A spike in orphans also occurred after the 2004 Tsunami, especially in the children's homes of Galle and every other coastal town. In this country, many believe that sharing is caring and this mindset is clearly reflected by working with children and seeing for oneself how much they give back in their own ways.


8.) Beaches

Unawatuna, Bentota and Induruwa, Arugam Bay and Mirissa are some of the popular beaches in Sri Lanka which are popular amongst travelers. The beaches are islands in microcosm coupled with colonial townscapes, stilt fishermen, superb wildlife parks and Buddhist shrines and temples. Sri lanka holiday packages and colonial era villas are a delight to stay in as well.

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