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Net worth

If you are eagerly waiting to know about your favorite actor of actress celebrity net worth, then you can get plenty of sites handy online.


Have a brief glimpse into wealthiest


celebrities and just how they become


wealthy ?



JK Rowling

Birth date: 31st July 1965

Homeland: Yate, Gloucestershire, England


J.K. Rowling is really a British author, Film producer, Novelist and author she has a internet price of around 1 billion dollars. Rowling may be the world’s wealthiest author in addition to Harry Potter Author. She authored the first Potter book when a person mother living on welfare. Written around the manual typewriter, the manuscript for that initial Harry Potter novel was came by 12 publishers’ and compensated her just 1500,$  being an advance while ultimately recognized. It includes 8 series and it is the finest grossing movie number of all in inflation unadjusted dollars, with 7.7 billion dollars in in the world box office.


Because the books of Harry Potter acquired fame around the world, they really break the literary sales records. The final 2 Harry Potter and also the Deathly Hallows in addition to Harry Potter and also the Half-Bloodstream Prince, literally offered around 9 to 11 million copies, just within 24 hrs after it had been launched. Presently, the books happen to be changed into around 65 languages around the world. She's one amongst the wealthiest celebrities and contains a internet price of 1 billion dollars.


Slavica Ecclestone

Birth date: 25th May 1958

Host to Birth: Rijeka, Croatia


Slavica Ecclestone is Former Croatian model in addition to ex-wife of F1 racing Chief executive officer Bernie Ecclestone she's one amongst the wealthiest celebrities within the globe. She began her career like a model while she was youthful. She arrived to view in a number of runway shows, ad campaigns and editorials, and processed with your designers as Armani. When modeling for Armani around 1982, Slavica was used to model as you among negligence F1 advertising event that was being produced together with a way house. This is actually the place where Slavica met her husband to be known as Bernie Ecclestone.


An amiable divorce around March 2009, makes Slavica one amongst the wealthiest women in great britan. Their divorce really made headlines, as she acquired 740 million dollars within the settlement. It's at the moment second most pricey divorces ever. Additionally for this, a lot of her family’s 2.2 billion dollars success occured in Slavica’s name in offshore trusts in Jersey. This celebrity internet worth is about 1.2 billion dollars. Click here to understand additional information about wealthiest celebrities.

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