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11.09.2017 - 12:19

Sri Lanka- A Natural Paradise

Explore The Whole Sri Lanka with 8 years of experienced tour operator. Explore Sri Lanka satisfied hundreds of customers.

Sri Lanka is a beautiful place with a lot of scenic beauty to admire. Sri Lanka holidays is a perfect holiday destination being a combo of all- beauty, adventure, sports, wildlife, fun, beach, etc. This country has preserved it culture and tradition for countless years, which makes it more beautiful. Though it is a small island, there is lot to explore and discover.


Plan your Sri Lanka vacation with Lakpura Travels. They provide you with amazing Sri Lanka holiday packages as per your suitability. Different packages involving different activities are available. You will get the best packages at the most suitable rates. Different holiday packages are available depending on the holiday type you choose. Holiday type is nothing but as to what the purpose is behind your Sri Lanka holiday.


Sri Lanka holiday types:


  • Short Break
  • Ultimate Luxury
  • Wildlife Holidays
  • Yoga & Ayurveda
  • Destination Beach Wedding
  • Adventure
  • Family Holiday
  • Honeymoon
  • Beach Holidays
  • Cultural Holidays


There are so many things to do in this small island, that covering all aspects of Sri Lanka in a single visit is near and mostly impossible. Truly experiencing Sri Lanka would take at least a month, though we highly doubt you would ever want to leave after spending an entire month on the ‘Wonder of Asia’. Generally, most people visit any place for holidays for about a week or a fortnight (2 weeks) and usually no more than that. This is the reason for Lakpura Travelers to group Sri Lanka tours into multiple fronts, so that for which ever purpose you come here, they try their best fulfill it.


They have designed their Sri Lanka holiday packages in such a way that firstly, they accommodate your most important needs (I.e: All that comes under the holiday type you chose). Selecting a particular holiday type in no way means that they won’t get you explore other things, it just means that the main focus will be to cover up the activities under your holiday type.


They also have Sri Lanka tailor made holidays designed especially for you, totally as per your choice. The benefit of tailor made holiday packages is that you can chose different activities from under different heads and can customize your holiday package. To be precise, you can modify your Sri Lanka vacation as per your desires, which means that you do not have to go by the packages offered by some of these tours and tourism groups.


Whichever package you chose from whichever tourism group, does not miss the chance to indulge in Sri Lankan cuisine, especially the traditional food.

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Explore The Whole Sri Lanka with 8 years of experienced tour operator. Explore Sri Lanka satisfied hundreds of customers. Exploresrilanka will give you the best vocation and amazing holidays as you’ve dreamed of.
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