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Car parts & accessories | 28.06.2013 - 07:15

Best features you can expect in a new car today

With technology moving and advancing so quickly, people are expecting more and more from their gadgets

With technology moving and advancing so quickly, people are expecting more and more from their gadgets. A few years ago, a car would have been a car and that was the end of it. You could choose the colour and, if you were lucky, you'd be able to add extras like power steering or alloy wheels. The whole market has come a long way, though and the extras available now almost defy belief. Check out some of the best below.

Satellite navigation systems

These are commonplace in a lot of modern cars now, with varying levels of awesomeness. Whereas the basic sat-nav add-on consists of a robotic voice telling you where to go, some of the fancier ones will inform you of the nearest petrol stations, garages and even pubs if you fancy stopping off for lunch in the countryside. They have pop-up screens that remain hidden away in the dashboard until you need them and often tie into vehicle security and tracking for your new car too. At the push of a button, they will slide into view, ready for your next command. It sounds like something out of a 'Star Wars' film, but this is very much the reality of modern motoring. Cruise control

This system is one of those things that a lot of people would classify as a luxury but, once they've experienced it, wouldn't buy a car without it. You set the speed to what you want then take your feet off the peddles and continue as before. Touch the brake to cancel the speed and accelerate as and when you want to. It sounds like something you wouldn't have much use for but when you're driving tens of thousands of miles on the motorway on business every year, it can be a relief for your right foot. Some cars come with limiters as well, which are a slightly more basic version of the cruise control system. You set the limit that you want the car to do and, even if you put your foot to the floor, the car won't go over your set limit. This is particularly useful for drivers who find they accidentally speed or for when you're going down a steep hill where you gradually gather momentum.

Automatic parking

The thing with this system is that many people think it's pioneering and incredibly new to the market. In actual fact, the top-end cars have had the ability to do this for years and it's now filtering down into the mainstream markets. Through a clever use of sensors, the car will actually park itself, rather than you struggling to do it yourself. This is a particularly useful gadget for those motorists who struggle with that notoriously tricky parallel parking manoeuvre.


This is something that sounds like it shouldn't be legal and, to an extent, it isn't yet. Google has actually managed to obtain a licence for a car that drives itself in every way, without needing a driver behind the wheel at all. While the systems aren't quite as complex as that, they do seem to be heading that way. Some manufacturers have created systems that will automatically brake when the vehicle gets too close to the car in front. They will also adjust themselves for sharp corners by distributing the power to the wheels differently. All of these gadgets work together to assist the driver and increase the safety of the vehicle itself. While they aren't allowed to go cruising around with no one behind the wheel, these cars can do most of the hard work for you and it may not be long before we can legally be driven around by a mechanical driver.

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Roger Hall a science graduate is very passionate about latest technology, mobiles, tracking security systems and different types of gadgets. Currently he resides in Hampshire, UK. Rob is an IT professional and loves to write on Tech gadgets review.

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