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17.10.2016 - 08:46

4 Mistakes you can make while using Vehicle Display Ramps

If you are using a vehicle display ramp for the first time, make sure you do not make these mistakes while using it.

Display platforms are one of the most popular ways of attracting the potential buyers for a vehicle. They are smartly-designed, light in weight, portable and can be easily assembled and dismantled. Nowadays, car ramps are equipped with additional safety features which make it even more appealing for the automotive dealers.

However, you will only get the desired effect when you are able to use the ramp properly. If you buy the ramps from reputed and reliable retailers, they can also guide you about how to use these ramps safely. But if you buy them without doing any market survey or without going through customer reviews, you might get fooled and come home with the cheap quality of display platforms. And if they are not used safely, accidents and mishaps are bound to happen.

There are several mistakes which you can make if you do not know how to use a ramp. If you want to know about them so that you do not repeat them, follow this blog carefully.

Wrong Placement of the car: If you are careless about placing the car on the display platform, the car might lose control and get damaged or hurt someone in turn. The car must not be placed on an uneven and rough surface. Make sure it is always placed on a flat surface. The car should not be hanging from the slope of the ramp. If the car is unstable, it can roll backwards and cause several kinds of hazards.

Hanging wheels of the car: While you are trying to put the car on a flat and even surface, do not forget about the wheels of the car. If you are a little unmindful and keep the wheels hanging from the ramp while the car is in motion, the hanging wheel might drive the car off the ramp with an opposite reactive force. So, you must not forget to check the wheels of the car when you driving your car on the car ramp.

Not checking the stability of the car: Even after you have placed your car perfectly in the centre of the ramp, there are chances of it rolling back down. So, you should not forget to check the stability of the car before completely leaving it. You can use the emergency brake to prevent it from rolling back down. Stand at the side and softly shake it in order to be sure whether it is actually in a steady position or not.

Not chocking both the sides of the wheel: In order to further secure the position of the vehicle on the display platform, you must take additional safety measures. If you do not position the wheels in a way that you at least chock one wheel touching the ground, there remains a chance for a big mishap. Try to place a chock at either side of the wheel if you want to prevent the car from rolling in either direction. So, chock the wheels from both sides. Apart from these, make sure you buy ramps which have weatherproof, anti-skid and non-slippery features which add to the safety measures of your vehicle.

While you adopt these safety measures when working with vehicle display ramps, make sure you are always working on a well-paved, concrete surface. This will ensure your grip while driving up the ramp and prevent chances of sliding. So, be careful about not repeating the above mistakes for a fruitful car ramp experience.

Author Bio: Kelley Chandler writes blogs on vehicle display ramps. Here, he writes about the 4 vital mistakes that one can make while using these ramps for the first time.

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