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Storing Your Car during Extended Travel

How to store your car for an extended period of time.
Car in storage unit

If you are traveling for an extended period of time, there are many things to consider when choosing a method of storing your vehicle. By choosing a trusted storage facility, a person can ensure that their vehicle will remain safe for the entire duration of their trip. 

A Large Storage Unit 

A customer can choose a storage unit that has just enough space for storing the vehicle, or the customer can choose a particularly large unit such as those with Phoenix AZ storage units that will allow the customer to store various other items and belongings with the vehicle. 

Security Cameras

A trusted storage facility will have security cameras that can ensure that an unauthorized person will never attempt to gain access to the storage unit, and these security cameras will watch the facility 24/7. 

An Indoor Facility

When a car is stored inside an indoor facility, a customer can easily access it during any weather conditions. 

Accessing the Vehicle

A customer should be able to access the vehicle during the storage facility's hours of operation, and the customer can call the facility in order to determine the hours during which the company is open. 

A Large Door

Each storage unit will have a particularly large and sturdy door, and as a result, breaking into the unit would be difficult. 

A Key 

The customer will have the only key that can be used to access the storage unit, and the customer can choose to have several keys made in order to allow family members or friends to access the unit. 

A Climate-Controlled Unit 

A customer can choose a climate-controlled unit, and the entire facility will be kept at a certain temperature during all times of the year. 


Some storage facilities offer various discounts, such as ten dollars off of the price of a full moving kit, the ability to store the vehicle for free for the first month, and a lower monthly rate when a customer stores a vehicle for a long period of time.

Check Car

Before putting it in storage have the car checked out, so it will be ready to go when you get back. Have the oil changed and other basic needs taken care of before moving it into the storage unit.

While Gone

While you are gone you should have a trusted friend check in on your car every once in a while. They should check the engine and tire, and of course check the safety of the car by double checking the lock and safety of the unit. When they are done checking on the car they should take the car out for a spin. This is especially important if you will be gone for a very long time. 

It’s a big decision when you leave for a long time, so you want to make sure everything at home is taken care of so you can travel with a peace of mind, and storing your car is one of those things that help.

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