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22.07.2016 - 21:10

5 Reasons You Should Quickly Fix Even Minor Repairs Following An Auto Accident

Delaying an auto repair can turn into big problems in the future, so it's important to take care of even minor repairs.

A minor car accident or fender bender is a giant blight on an otherwise busy day. Worse, it's not an event that only impacts that single day, but can actually have ramifications that lasts for weeks as you work with a mechanic to fix the damages. Sometimes, people decide to skip the repairs and instead keep the money paid by the at-fault driver or insurance company. Let's take a look at five reasons this might not be such a great idea.


There Could Be Legal Ramifications

If you aren't technically the owner of the car because you're still making loan payments, then you are technically responsible for keeping the car in good repair for the actual owner. If the insurance company writes a check for the damage and you cash it, but the check also lists your lender, then you may actually be committing a crime by keeping the money.


You Never Know When You'll Need to Sell

Most people don't plan to keep their current cars forever. There will eventually come a day when you want to sell your car or trade it in. Making sure you've dealt with all minor repairs will make it easier when it comes time to sell or trade in the vehicle. Buyers are turned off from even minor problems with vehicles, so taking care of repairs quickly can help ensure your car is back to normal and safe to drive again.


Minor Damage Can Turn Into Major Problems

What looks like minor damage to the unskilled eye can actually become a major contributor to bigger problems when it's ignored. For example, a small fender bender might have also resulted in a small water pump leak that could grow and lead to an engine overheating. Additionally, ignored suspension and steering issues can lead to dangerous wear and tear patterns on tires and poor handling -- which in turn can even lead to more accidents. By taking your car to professionals like those at Chehalis Collision Center, you can be sure repairs are done quickly and expertly. By having professionals take a look at the damage, you can prevent major problems that be costly in the end.


You May Miss the Statute of Limitations

A car accident claim, even for minor damages, is not something you can wait forever to file. Each state has its own statute of limitations. Bringing your car in for a quick fix of minor repairs ensures that you get a quote to submit to the insurer well before the statute expires and you're left holding the bag for auto repairs on your own.


Minor repairs can prevent big problems. They ensure your lender stays happy and that your vehicle is always in the best possible condition for resale. There's no excuse for skipping such a simple yet vital step in the regular maintenance of your automobile.

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