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06.07.2016 - 00:24

Six Car Maintenance Checks to Have Done This Summer

Car maintenance doesn't have to be hard, check out these tips you should do this summer.

The summer road trip season is here and you're likely more than ready to embrace new adventures and get back to vacationing. Your car, however, may not be quite as up to the task as you are. The Law Office of Daniel E Goodman, LLC recommends you check your car is road ready before heading out. Here are six crucial summer maintenance tasks you need to do to keep your car safe and happy. Without them, you risk ruining your summer fun with a breakdown or accident.

Swap Your Tires
It's time to swap your snow tires for all-season ones and inspect them thoroughly. Make sure the tread on your summer tires is good, and that no dry rot has crept in while you stored the tires over the winter. If needed, have a tire rotation done so you can be sure you are ready for a long trek.

Test Your Battery
Check your battery or have your mechanic test it. Summer travel may take you further from home than you normally wander, and you don't want to get stuck somewhere with a dead battery. This is especially important if you'll be traveling to a remote area where a jump start may be hard to find.

Top off Your Fluids
Summer heat causes brake, windshield washer, transmission, and other fluids in your car to evaporate more quickly. Prevent problems by topping them off at the beginning of the season and checking on them periodically.

Check Your Cooling System
Make sure your radiator has ample fluid and give the cooling system a complete flush if necessary. A mechanic can do this for you if you’re not mechanically inclined. Check to see that the fan kicks on when it should as well. Heat can destroy an engine, so get yours ready for summer temperatures early.

Stay Frosty
Get in your car and crank up the air conditioning. If it's not blowing cold air, is making odd noises, or experiencing any other problems, have it serviced or recharged. Even if you know you could roll down the windows and live without your AC, the belt that drives the air conditioner's compressor may also drive other parts of your engine that are more crucial.

Wiper Blades
Summer weather often brings sudden thunderstorms. Become prepared by putting new wiper blades on your car or truck before you get caught in the rain.

These six checks will get your car ready for a fun summer and give your vehicle what it needs to last as long as possible. Though all of these tasks are fairly straightforward and can be tackled by most home mechanics, but don't hesitate to ask a pro for help if you feel anything is outside your comfort zone.

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