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Car tips & advice | 24.06.2013 - 18:24

Have You Fallen Out of Love with Your Audi?

Audi’s are one of the cars that most buyers dream of owning. They have been popular for years and you may think that all of the owners are thrilled to bits with their purchase. However, this isn’t always the case...

There are many problems that can make the owner fall out of love with their car very quickly. If you are one of these people you may be disappointed with the reliability of your vehicle and feel a little let down by the running costs.

Common Problems with the Audi
If you have an Audi A3 dating from between 2003 and 2012 you have probably experienced one or more of the problems below. If you have just bought yourself a second hand model it’s worth reading through so you know what to expect:
1.    Fuel leaks are a particular problem for many of the 2 litre TDI models that were available during 2008 to 2011. This is a problem that only affects the diesel engines. In order to fix the problem the model was improved by having anti vibration weights put onto the fuel pipes.
2.    The direct shift clutch proved to be problematic for many of the cars that came out of the factories in 2008 up to 2009. This is the twin clutch automatic gear box and the temperature gauge was faulty. The cars would lose power as the clutch would engage. In order to solve the issue the gearboxes had to the reprogrammed.
3.    Another issue with the clutch was related to the flywheel, where the clutch connects to the engine. The flywheel would become damaged in models that were sold during 2003 and 2005. The damage caused the flywheel to stop working at best and at worst it caused a fire. As a result of this very serious problem the models were recalled and the part was replaced.
4.    Airbags are there for your safety but in the Sportback models of 2005 there was a fault that stopped the airbags from inflating. The airbag was unable to inflate as there was a faulty seal that allowed gas to escape from the generator.
Fed Up of Being Let Down?
The above problems are just a handful of issues that have struck owners of Audi’s over the years. There are many more that have been experienced.  If you are fed up of having problems with your car and don’t want to pay out any more money for repairs it could be a good time to sell. It is possible to make some money back from your car even if it has experienced common Audi mechanical faults. You just need to find the right buyers who are willing to take these vehicles off your hands regardless of the condition or history.
Buying any car is expensive so it is worth trying to make the most money possible on the sale of your old model. Look for companies who will give you a quick sale and a fair and decent amount of cash for your Audi.
Guy has worked as a full time writer for many years. He has a passion for cars and has been able to contribute work to many websites and blogs over the years resulting in thousands of articles being published online. Guy will write about cars at the drop of a hat but he also enjoys writing about gadgets and technology. 
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