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22.06.2016 - 18:39

Six Details to Get the Perfect DIY Detailing on Your Car

Making your car look like new only takes a bit of detailing perfection!

Your car is almost like a second home. You use it to commute, sometimes eat, and probably spend a good amount of time in it every day. To make sure your car is clean and well-maintained a few DIY detailing details can make all the difference. Check out a few ideas below to see where you can improve.


Handwashing allows you to learn the surface of your car, and inspect for any flaws that need special attention. If you have a few more bumps and bruises than you’d like check out repair options like Chehalis Collision Center. Wash with a soap that is made for cars, DO NOT use a dish soap. This will strip the car of protective coatings, making the underlying paint coat vulnerable to damage. Water can leave stains when it dries, so make sure you're drying with a lint free towel or using a squeegee.

Clean the Tires
Brake dust and road debris can often stain your wheels, so use a non-acid based cleaner or degreaser to get the stubborn marks out. Be careful not to use a detergent or anything acid-based because this can cause damage to any coatings, or even to the alloy itself. Clean and protect the tires before protecting the paint.

Dust and Vacuum
Use compressed air to clean out the air ducts and loosen debris in the fine cracks of the interior trim. Use a stiff brush to loosen dirt in the mats, and vacuum over to ensure the dirt isn't finding new places to hide. Do the same as you dust through the interior of the car so the dust can't resettle as easily.

Clean the Seats
Vacuum the seats first to remove dirt and crumbs. To remove stains and odors from cloth seats, use an all-purpose cleaner diluted with water and scrub away with a brush and a washcloth, preferably white, so as not to transfer any color dye from the washcloth. For leather seats, use a specially formulated leather cleaner.

Clean the Glass
Clean the windows and mirrors last because they will be collecting dust from the other steps. Make sure you're using a glass cleaner without ammonia, because window tint can be discolored from it, and it's bad for many surfaces in the car. Paper towel can leave streaks and lint, but a microfiber cloth will give you the best results.

Wax the Car
There's not a proven way to decide when wax has worn off the car, so it's best to have a schedule. If the car is being kept outdoors, it should be waxed every 3 months. Before applying wax, run your hand over the surface of the car. If you feel bumps, there are impurities that need to be removed with paint-cleaning clay before applying the new coat of wax.


Detailing your car has many benefits, and you can take advantage of some by doing a few yourself. Use this list and more to get the look you want and the second home you deserve.

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