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08.06.2016 - 18:17

Six Accessories to Consider for Your Motorcycle

Having a bike is so much fun for fast rides, and here are a few more accessories to consider for your motorcycle.

Riding a motorcycle isn't just a hobby, for many it's a way of life. Once you purchase a motorcycle, a wide variety of options become available to customize your bike to your personal style and needs. Maybe you love long weekend drives, or cruising the city is more your style. Motorcycle accessories can enhance your riding experience, change the look of your motorcycle, and provide you with valuable tools to utilize on or off the road. Here are a few to consider adding to your bike.

Tank Bag
Typically, motorcycles do not provide a lot of storage space. A rider must purchase accessories to hold their personal effects. Tank bags resolve the nonexistent storage space problem. A perfect option for sports bikes, these simply attach the tank bag to the gas tank, utilizing straps or magnets.

A motorcycle may not include a clock in the instrument gauge which can make it hard to time your rides. If you do not have a clock on your motorcycle, simply purchase a small clock, wire to a power source, and mount at a suitable location.

Frame Sliders
Dropping a bike, otherwise known as laying down a bike, can severely damage the fairings, frame, and handlebars. Purchase a pair of frame sliders to ease your mind in the case of a spill. Frame sliders mount to the frame on both sides of the bike. If you were to drop the bike while riding, frame sliders actually slow the bike down, and act as a protective layer between the ground and the motorcycle. Remember, if you are involved in a collision in which you are not liable, contact a lawyer specializing in Orlando motorcycle crashes to ensure you are protected physically and financially as well.

All motorcycle owners should protect their bike from the elements, including sun, damaging wind, rain, and hail. Even leaving your motorcycle out in a periodic rain shower will cause grime and rust to form. For an inexpensive price, a good cover is a valuable accessory.


Motorcycle Stand
Motorcycle stands provide the opportunity to perform routine maintenance with ease. The first step to completing any maintenance service, is getting your bike off the ground. Performing your own maintenance, such as oil changes and chain maintenance, is considerably less expensive than entrusting a motorcycle shop to complete the task and with a stand you won’t have to fumble around on the ground.

Disc Lock
Worried about theft? Disc locks are a security system for your motorcycle that attach to the disc brake. A disc alarm will deter thieves, as it emits a loud alarm set off by a motion or shock sensor.

These are only a few examples of motorcycle accessories available for your purchase. Ride safe and enjoy your time on the road.

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