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16.05.2016 - 19:53

Car Maintenance Tips all Teen Drivers Should Know

Here are a few basic maintenance tips all drivers should know.

Driving is a big part of our culture, and learning how to do it is a giant step in the life of a teenager. Understanding basic auto maintenance is a great way for any teen to get a leg up and stay safe. If they are out and their car breaks down, it's important for new drivers to understand what to do. Let's take a closer look and see some basic car maintenance tips all teen drivers should know.


Read the Manual
The best place to start is the vehicle’s instruction manual. Teenagers should take the time to review and understand basic maintenance and what their particular car needs. All cars are different, which is why it's important to see what is advised in the manual.


Change the Oil Regularly
The life blood of any vehicle is its oil. Having old, dirty oil is one of the best ways to significantly mess up a vehicle and affect overall engine performance. A teen looking to get the most out of their car ought to regularly check the oil and replace it. The rule of thumb is to replace it every 3 months or 3000 miles, whichever comes first. Teach them how to find the dipstick, check the levels, and how to top it off.


Use a Tire or Auto Service Center
While basic maintenance is easy to understand and should be understood by everyone, there are plenty of times when something goes wrong that a teen is not qualified to answer. New drivers should get into the habit of regularly checking in with a tire or auto service center to ensure everything is working fine. Places like Discount Tire Centers will usually align and rotate wheels for free if you bought the tires at their location. This can keep drivers safe and make the car easier to handle. While scheduling these visits may seem to be a bit of a nuisance at first, getting used to it will significantly prolong the life of the car, and make it a much safer drive as well.


Check Fluids and Pressure Regularly
One of the best ways for a teenager to become better accustomed to the car they're driving, is simply by opening up the hood and getting a look at what's inside. Combined with the manual instructions, teens should be able to identify all of the fluids and make sure they have enough. This includes washer fluids, coolants, oil, and everything else that's relatively easy to replace. In addition, a teen should regularly check tire pressure as well.

While being a full-fledged auto mechanic is a career path, every teenager can understand how to maintain the basics of their car's needs. The main thing is checking things over regularly and replacing fluids. Aside from that, being able to detect an issue before it becomes and problem and getting the car into a service center is the key to staying safe and prepared on the road.

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