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29.04.2016 - 18:14

Best Car Options for a Big Family

Having a big family can mean things get expensive quickly. Use this guide to see how you can make buying a care more affordable.

Just by getting behind the wheel of a vehicle, you are exposing yourself to the risk of a car accident. While this is a problem most people prefer to ignore and avoid thinking about, it’s important you take proper steps to keep you and your family safe from injury. Whenever you are buying a new vehicle, it’s important you go over the safety features before making a final decision, and any vehicle you buy should have quality airbags, although additional safety features are preferred. The Law Offices of Gregg Durlofsky say it’s also important you avoid distractions and follow all traffic laws each time you step inside your car or truck. 

Acura ILX
If you only want to buy the safest vehicle on the market, the Acura ILX will not disappoint. This car has side airbags and rollover protection. Some cars have air bags that are only triggered by a front end collision, but the Acura ILX will also activate its airbags in the event of a side impact. If you are worried about driving in the rain or snow, you will be happy to learn about the Acura’s enhanced traction control system. This car has the technology to keep your entire family safe from crashes and collisions. It both reduces your odds of getting involved in an accident and optimizes your odds of survival if a collision is unavoidable. 


Jeep Cherokee
Maybe you want something with a little more horsepower than a standard sedan. If this is the case, you might be interested in the Jeep Cherokee. This vehicle provides an unheard of combination of physical safety features and high-end technology. Behind its external shell, the Cherokee hides a durable metal shield that protects all of its occupants from crashes and collisions by absorbing the force of the impact. The Cherokee also does a great job at helping you avoid getting involved in a crash in the first place with its advanced collision detection system and electronic stability control. 


Honda Accord

This standard midsized car is great for a small family and is sure to keep you safe. It was awarded the top safety pick from IIHS and scored high on all crash tests. Cameras and detection features keep you alert to outside obstacles and will alert you to oncoming debris or obstacles. The Accord also features anti-lock brakes and a tire pressure monitor.

It doesn’t matter if you are going on a cross-country trip, or just down the road, you want to know you and your family will get to your destination and back safely and without any issues. Before deciding which car to choose, you must determine which best meets your needs and has the best safety features available.

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