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Car design | 05.10.2012 - 20:05

What's Your Take for the Ferrari 612 GTO Concept?

What makes the Ferrari 612 GTO concept by Sasha Selipanov particularly unique and refreshingly beautiful is the designer's focus on its artistic imagery.
Ferrari 612 GTO Concept
Ferrari 612 GTO Concept

With the 612 Scaglietti to be replaced, people have been cooking up some pretty wild and fantastic ideas for a Ferrari 612 GTO concept as early as 2010. One of the more popular proposals had come from Berlin's Sasha Selipanov, whom car enthusiasts may recognize as the one also known as the "Angry Car Designer".

What makes the Ferrari 612 GTO concept by Sasha Selipanov particularly unique and refreshingly beautiful is the designer's focus on its artistic imagery. Instead of tinkering endlessly with Ferrari 612 GTO concept specs which most people - experts and amateurs alike - have wanted to do, Selipanov had concentrated mostly on improving its external aesthetics. As you take a closer look at the gorgeous concept, you will realize that the German designer appeared to consider his version of the 612 a glowing tribute to the all-famous 250 GTO.

Those who have been able to view the photos the designer shared online were quite impressed, especially considering the fact that Selipanov never had the opportunity to work for Ferrari in any capacity before. Based on the feedback received so far, it wouldn't be a surprise if people would be willing to pay a higher Ferrari 612 GTO concept price for Selipanov's design.

You can still provide your own concept for the 612 GTO and be the next Selipanov to conquer the auto world by storm.  To help you get started, here are several tips you may want to keep in mind.

Ferrari 612 GTO Size

Think length, width, and other dimensions like the amount of leg space you're providing the driver and passengers. The size of your concept car is critical since it will affect all other specifications like the size of your engine and the kind of seats you can use for the interior.

612 GTO Exterior

Pictures speak a thousand words so when designing the exterior of your Ferrari 612 GTO concept car, you need to go beyond words. They have to be accompanied with photos, too. If you are good with wielding a pencil on paper, then you can always have your drawing scanned and shared online. But if you are great with creating magic using a computer - such as how Selipanov did - then that would be even better!

When designing the exterior, you need to study previous and present designs of the manufacturer. In the case of Ferrari, for instance, Selipanov took into account the sinuous perfection displayed by most of the company's recent models. And as mentioned earlier on, the designer had also decided on transforming his concept car into a visual tribute to the 250 GTO.

Essential features of the exterior include but are not limited to the following:


Use, design, and layout of lights. Your choices should not be limited to headlights and rear lights as today's Audi models would prove.


Shape of the back. Do you want a hatchback, an all-corner end, or do you prefer to add more curves to your exterior?


Most people have more fun when designing the interior. With a Ferrari 612 GTO concept car, it would be a good idea to combine luxury and performance and pay attention to all the details. Remember who Ferrari's most valued clients are!

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