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Car news | 14.05.2013 - 20:33

The new Piecha Designs Mercedes CLA-Class with Body Kit and Forged Wheels

The new Piecha Designs Mercedes-Benz CLA with body kit, new exhaust, and forged wheels.


After the sales success of the Mercedes-Benz CLS, the German automaker is looking to capitalize once again on the four-door coupe market that it started years ago. Since it first began with the CLS, other automakers such as BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Aston Martin, and others have followed in Mercedes-Benz’s footsteps with their own four-door coupes due to the popularity of the CLS-Class. Now, Mercedes-Benz is hoping for another home run with the CLA-Class; a smaller four-door luxury coupe that comes in at a lower price point than the CLS-Class models.


The team at Piecha Designs is looking to take the new CLA-Class models and make them even sportier and more exciting with a new upgrade program. Called the CLA GT-R, the new upgrade program features a host of modifications that add style, character, and muscle to the new entry level four-door coupe. The kit includes numerous body components, forged wheels, and exhaust upgrades to set it apart from the stock model.


To start things off on the new Mercedes-Benz CLA GT-R, the team at Piecha Designs designed and manufactured a host of body work that was created using advanced CAD technology and manufactured using PU-RIM to ensure maximum quality and strength. At the front of the car sits a new fascia that features a new silver grille with three pointed star and a new hood with dual power bulges. Vents were also inserted into the hood to aid cooling in the engine bay. The bumper wears new satin silver finished flics inside the air intakes and a new set of splitters that help to generate downforce. New fenders house the forged wheels and are connected to each other by a pair of side skirts. At the rear sits a roof spoiler and add on truck spoiler that generates downforce for better stability at high speeds. The final touch is a diffuser that accommodates the quad exhaust system.


The Piecha Designs team then took on the chassis where the factory wheels were replaced with forged wheels, a new suspension was installed, and the brakes were fine-tuned. The factory rim and tire setup was replaced with a set of lightweight forged wheels for better performance and style. The brakes were equipped with new ceramic high performance pads and braided stainless steel lines. The final touch was a new set of lowering springs that reduced ride height by a total of 20 mm for a better center of gravity.


The last modification was the exhaust. Here, the team installed a new perforated stainless steel quad tailpipe system in the shape of trapezoids as opposed to the factory oval tailpipes for better styling.

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