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Car news | 07.05.2013 - 08:18

Isuzu Trucks - No 1 in Commercial Use

Read a story behind success of Isuzu Trucks.
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Isuzu trucks are most frequently sold commercial trucks in the world. Isuzu still holds its place on the top of the world’s list in the truck industry. They come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the needs they are meant to comply. These little trucks have held their place on the road since 1984 and they still haven’t retired. We can still see some models of that age, running and operative, after a streak of 29 years! Isuzu trucks are highly reliable, little and powerful machines.

Isuzu trucks today are the only diesel running trucks that come in two engine types, plus they have support for LPG (gas). People look for this frequently these days in some countries because of high diesel prices. LPG has become a very powerful replacement. Companies have acknowledged the availability and usefulness of LPG and have made some profit by switching to it. This is generally a great advantage for Isuzu trucks. In comparison to other truck manufacturers, Isuzu has offered much more to the companies. Every Isuzu truck comes with a period of a three year warranty. And, as we mentioned, some of these are still operational and used after over two decades.

Isuzu has always bombed the market with various models and accessories for them. It is not uncommon to see that Isuzu trucks are amongst the cheapest commercial trucks. They have one of the lowest part prices than any other manufacturer. This makes repairs and maintenance much cheaper and a great money saver. Isuzu trucks are great machines with great balance between power, economy and price. Their reliability has put them in our everyday delivery world. Delivery companies have chosen these trucks as their best option. True benefits of an Isuzu trucks are that it is not complicated to operate, the trucks are compact, maintenance isn’t as expensive as it would be with other manufacturers and they are highly mobile.

The interior of every Isuzu truck is astonishing. Although it looks like a small truck, you can find a lot of room inside the cabin. Every Isuzu has big windows and windscreens which allow you to have a complete and wide picture of your surroundings. The seats are comfortable and the shift will not present a problem to your knees as in some different manufacturer models. This has been provided by the hexapod cabin which has been represented with Isuzu designers.

They have a great turning diameter. With the new steering wheel technology implemented in every Isuzu truck now Isuzu trucks can cut corners with a 49% wheel angle. They have new improved six geared automatic transmission which is tuned more to the economy of the truck. The Isuzu truck is by far the best option for a delivery truck.

Another great advantage of Isuzu trucks is that they come with two types of cabins. You can choose a model with either a Crew Cabin or a Standard Cabin. Another great thing about Isuzu trucks is that you don’t even have to leave the truck for the check. The cabin provides some great traits for the driver, such as the fact that you can check both fuel and oil from the inside of the cabin and the fuse box is located behind the panel in reach of the driver’s hands and sight.

When picking a truck for your professional and commercial needs, think of Isuzu, because after you try them you will experience lifetime respect for this machine.

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