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31.03.2015 - 00:13

Six Vehicles Every Man Should Consider For His Next Purchase

It's important to do your research when it comes time to buy a new car.

Nothing says more about a man than his car. That's why when you go on the hunt for a new set of wheels, you should aim for something that screams masculinity. From classic muscle cars to used beauties of decades gone by, these models should come under your ownership at least once.


Bugatti Veyron

Featured on an episode of Top Gear, the Bugatti is power incarnate. With 1,001 horsepower backing speeds upward of 250 mph, this machine was built for action. If you can afford it, no other car will ever be good enough.


Chevrolet Corvette

Sung about in a popular song of the 80s, the corvette is a model that entered the American conscious upon its release in 1953. Since then, it has come to equate to money and style. Including a 7-speed manual transmission and a 6.2L V8 engine, this compact car is anything but reserved.


Dodge Ram

After undergoing a renaissance during the 1990s, the Dodge Ram once again redefined itself as the real American truck, designed to work as hard and run as solid as its owners. Modern models can carry up to 1,700 pounds and tow over 10,000.


Toyota Land Cruiser

Begun as a war project in the 1950s, the Jeep is anything but a family car. With an open backseat and designed more for safaris than shopping, nothing hearkens back to a rugged, outdoor lifestyle than the 1980s Land Cruiser. While it can only be found in used car lots nowadays, they still garner a sense of respect on the road.


Hummer H1

The Hummer is basically the every man’s tank. It guzzles fuel with no regard to gas prices and can handle virtually all terrain. There are no curves in its design, only hard, masculine angles. Though it is no longer in production, there are still well-kept models for sale.


Ford Mustang

Whether you go with the classic muscle car or throw in for the latest design, the Mustang has always been representative of the powerful animal it's named for. Featuring 300 to 435 horsepower and rear wheel drive, be sure to go for the convertible model for maximum appeal.


When it comes to your next car, don't throw it away on a model you won't even remember 10 years down the road. As a man, it's you're duty to own at least one muscle machine in your lifetime. Informational credit to Expressway Dodge.

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