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Review | 24.03.2013 - 17:14

2010 Mercury Mountaineer Review

Review of 2010 Mercury Mountaineer a medium sized luxury SUV model.
Mercury Mountaineer
2010 Mercury Mountaineer photo (Photo credit trucktrend.com)

The Mercury Mountaineer is a medium sized luxury SUV modeled with extra hauling and towing ability in mind. It can be likened to Ford Explorer, a convenient family car you can use to get around the city, drive to a vacation destination and easily tow a trailer or boat if you have one.


The Mountaineer’s hauling and towing capability is ensured by the car’s adequate V6 engine, which serves its purposes perfectly. The V8 model will provide even better performance on every occasion for those who feel like they need a powerhouse to get around with their family and all of their stuff.

While it can demonstrate a rather high top speed for a typical SUV, Mercury Mountaineer can’t really be considered a fast car in general. Besides, speed is not the reason why buyers would prefer it to other cars in the first place.

The car may react noticeably to occasional bumps on the road, but overall, it presents the driver and passengers with a smooth ride. Mercury Mountaineer is a truck-based SUV model, so it can’t really pull off the kind of maneuvers you would expect from a regular crossover.

Same thing goes for fuel consumption, which is pretty high both with V8 and V6 engines onboard. In exchange for these shortcomings, the Mountaineer can tow more weight and provide a more reliable off-road experience than most crossover SUVs.

Not much has changed since Mountaineer’s earlier 2007 model, except for the new grouping possibilities. However, a more advanced fueling system is already in the works at Mercury, along with more electronics and additional options for wheels and tires at purchase.


The interior of the 2010 Mercury Mountaineer has excellent sound isolation and provides a very relaxing driving experience. Its stylish and intuitive dashboard provides the driver with all the relevant data.

There’s plenty of room for seven people on the car’s adjustable seats, which take any discomfort from commuting. The third-row seats will provide even better room for your legs than the front seats.

The only shortcoming of this model’s interior are the unusually placed door pulls and door handles, which will probably take some time to get used to.


A lot of Mountaineer’s exterior design bears resemblance to the Ford Explorer. It’s characterized by its free-standing vertical bars and the already familiar waterfall grille, complete with the impressive Mercury logo on both ends. The side doors and windows in the rear are separated by a wide C-pillar.

The unusual combination of straight and rounded lines on its headlights flanks the grille, while the rectangle-shaped fog lamps find a fitting place on the front bumper. Both the fenders and cross bar share a modern aluminum look.

2010 Mercury Mountaineer Prices

Here’s the lineup of different SUV models and their prices:

Premier AWD V8 priced at about $32,000.
Premier AWD V6 priced at about $30,500.
Premier 2WD V8 priced at about $29,500.
AWD V6 priced at about $28,500.
Premier 2WD V6 priced at about $28,000.
Mercury Mountaineer 2WD V6 priced at about $26,000.

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