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18.03.2015 - 23:48

What to Do if You Have Been Determined At Fault for a Car Accident

Here are a few things to remember when all fingers are pointing in your general direction after a car accident.

Of course, when it comes to a car accident, we always like to believe that it was the other driver’s fault. In the case of any collision, your insurance rates will likely go up, but it will be an even bigger mess if you are labeled “at fault” for the accident. Whether you truly are at fault or not, there are a few things you will need to take care of. Here are a few things to remember when all fingers are pointing in your general direction.


When You Are Actually at Fault


After a car accident, you may start to realize that the fault is going to be squarely placed on your shoulders. At this critical time, in the moments following the accident, it is important not to admit to being at fault to anyone at the scene of the accident. At this point, you will want to keep your speech as neutral as possible. Refrain from suggesting that you are sorry for the accident, because this could easily be misconstrued as you admitting to being at fault. That would not bode well for your case.


What to Do When You Are Accused of an Accident That Was Not Your Fault


If the accident was really the other driver's fault, this does not mean that they will be enthused about admitting that it was. In fact, they may want to maintain that you were at fault instead. Of course, it is only natural for you to want to maintain your innocence in light of false accusations. The last thing you should do is start fighting with the other driver. Such a course of action will never help your case. In fact, it may do far more harm. It is better to simply call the police, exchange insurance details and gather as much additional information and evidence as you can to have on hand to review with your attorney. Do not allow the other driver to distract you from doing this either.

According to an Anchorage personal injury lawyer of the Denali Law Group, if you have a mobile phone with a camera, it is a good idea to take numerous pictures of the accident, license plate numbers, any skid marks on the road, and speed limit signs in the area. Gathering information, such as the names and contact information of the members of the other car is important to have if possible to acquire. Getting the names and contact information of witnesses of the accident is also important, since it can be helpful later on.


Dealing With Insurance Companies after an Accident


After the fact, you are required to accurately explain to your insurance company's adjuster what happened during the accident. They need this information to help determine if you were at fault and how much they will need to pay out if you were at fault. Alternatively, if you were not at fault, the other party's insurance adjuster will also want you to tell them what happened. They will most likely ask you for a recorded statement. Under no circumstances should you ever allow them to take a recorded statement. Rather, agree to let them know what happened, but make it clear that you refuse to allow them to record what you say. The other party's adjuster is not paid to be your friend. They are trying to gather information that they can use to dispute having to pay on your claim. If your claim is denied, the other party's insurance company must tell you why it was denied.


In the moments following a car accident, details can be lost and tempers can flare. It is critical for you to keep a level head. You need to dedicate yourself to gathering the evidence necessary to help your case. If you are ever confused as to what you should do after the accident, it never hurts to promptly call your attorney for additional guidance. An attorney is trained to help you ensure that the proper procedures take place in a timely and efficient manner to help ensure that you have a solid case.

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