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Review | 20.03.2013 - 18:16

MG 6 Specifications, Interior, Exterior & Price

My overview about medium sized five-door hatchback called MG 6.
MG 6 - 2011 model

MG 6 is a medium sized five-door hatchback produced by SAIC Motor, a car manufacturer based in China. This 2011 model is based on its predecessor, the earlier four-door sedan of the same name.


As established from test drives, the MG 6 can go from 0 mph to 60 mph in 8.4 seconds. It’s limited by a maximum of only 120 mph, but the slower speed allows for a lower insurance rating. Overall the car feels pretty slow, and it’s also quite heavy to steer at one and a half tons, but speed is not where MG 6 is supposed to excel.

It’s a well-built hatchback model with solid damping and first-class body control. It softens the bumps on the road and has decent traction without a lot of guidance of electronics. The steering is lacking, but it lives up to the price range that this car has been built for.

MG 6 has a 1.8 liter four-cylinder turbo engine that pushed ahead a front-wheel drive and manual five-speed gear. Fans of diesel were disappointed by a lack of a diesel model at initial launch, but it was introduced in 2012 and is now available to the public.


Despite the car’s rather small outside appearance, the interior is quite spacious. Four adults can sit comfortably inside at the same time, and you could probably fit a few boxes in there as well if you really tried.

However, the salon of MG 6 fails to impress, greeting the driver with a bad version of fake leather interior, some unresponsive buttons and a limited trip computer. You can drive perfectly fine once you get around these uncomfortable features, but the car never fails to remind you about its price and meets the exact expectations that you would have for it.


MG 6 is a car of its own proportions that can’t really be likened to any similar models. There is still some resemblance to the old Rover 75 the legacy of which was inherited by the Chinese manufacturer SAIC Motor, such as the fuse box and front sub-frame. One final similarity is the 1.8 engine, which is similar to the old K-series fitted with some upgrades and the turbo feature. Apart from that, it’s a new car model available at a very affordable price.


The MG 6 can by no means be considered a spectacular car, but there is one defining feature about it that sets apart this new model by SAIC Motor from its competitors, namely, its extremely low price. The Chinese manufacturer has done well by offering the MG 6 1.8 Turbo TSE for sale for only £18,995. There’s also an even lower-spec S model priced at £15,495.

Under the new ownership, MG seems to be doing well by once again bringing new reasonably priced sports cars to the international market. The few shortcomings that are present in this model will be completely understandable to people who prefer to buy a car at the low price of MG 6.

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