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23.12.2014 - 23:37

5 Great Automotive Upcycle Ideas for the Creative Car Enthusiast

Anyone with old car parts lying around can try some of these out and give these materials and parts a second life.

Do you love cars and would like to turn parts into useful objects in your home or den? Maybe you don't have the crafting skills to turn a car seat into a couch, but you can use smaller parts and turn them into awesome items with little work.


Seat Belt Key Holder and Keychain

Turn a working seat belt tongue into a keychain for your car keys and use the buckle as a key ring holder by your door in your home. For the key ring, cut off the tongue with an inch of webbing remaining. Singe the edges with a lighter to keep it from fraying. Work a key ring through the webbing for keys. For the key holder, remove and singe the webbing on the buckle, just like the tongue. Nail the webbing to a stud in the wall next to the door.


Key Rings

Don't throw away those keys from a junked car. Turn those keys into rings. Bending newer metal keys is easy. You just need pliers and a bit of muscle. Hold the head of the key with the pliers and curl the end in a circle until it meets the head. This doesn't work as well with older keys made of heavy metal. You'll need to heat and bend those with special tools.


Car Door Handle Cabinet Handles

Use old car door handles on your cabinets or dressers. Use door handles from scrapped cars or broken handles you replaced. They don't have to work. All you need is the handle from outside the car door and bolts. Most car door handles have bolts and screws used to hold it in place on the car door. Drill a hole in the cabinet just big enough for the bolts and attach the handle tightly in place.


Steering Wheel Towel Holder

Whether in the bathroom or in your garage, a steering wheel towel holder looks awesome and has a purpose. Hang hand towels on the wheel for drying or cleaning your hands. All you need to do is bolt the steering wheel on the wall. Use a steering wheel that has a single hole in the middle and not a newer steering wheel. Use a heavy bolt to attach the steering wheel to a stud on the wall.


Recycle It

If you have more than just a few car parts lying around—say, an entire car—it will take an awfully long time to upcycle every bit of it. Cars that are damaged beyond repair can best be upcycled through an automobile recycler. This will ensure that the materials in the car are reused, benefitting both the environment and the economy.


License Plate Clipboards

Clipboards come in handy in many places of the home. Use them for grocery lists in the kitchen or supply lists in the garage. Remove the screws holding the clip on the clipboard. Use an electric drill to make a hole a tiny bit smaller than the screws on one end of the license plate. Screw the clip in place on the plate.

These simple ideas using small car parts are a great start for beginners to upcycling. Anyone with old car parts lying around can try some of these out and give these materials and parts a second life.


Informational Credit to General Recycling Industries Ltd

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