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21.11.2014 - 03:38

Modified two limited edition Land Rover Range Rover

Modified two limited edition Land Rover Range Rover


Recently, manufacturers AJP Design modifications introduced a modified Land Rover Range Rover Sport Coupe RS, converted two of the Range Rover (non Range Rover Aurora) ever had a precedent, but for the new Range Rover Sport converted two of the cases, it is probably still on one case.

In order to highlight its extraordinary movement of genes, this car "SUV sports car" upgraded wheels more movement, a new high-performance sports exhaust systems and special custom interiors.

It is reported that this Range Rover Sport Coupe RS will not be the power upgrade, the original Range Rover Sport will be powered by a 5.0L V8 high-power engine, the maximum power output of 550 hp and peak torque of 680N · m.

Finish off the personality, playing limited also necessary. The modified Range Rover Sport Coupe RS is expected to create the world's only 25, the local tyrant who want to be ready to grab from the PS:! Is not that large Range Rover Aurora it is not even two-door Range Rover also forced grid will be higher?

Installation of wide-body kit makes this guy even more stocky, low body to make it more suitable for intense driving, improve the handling of fun. Exaggerated wheel design, you can make it in many car champion. Sexy tail design make it a convertible with the many suitors dream gift. When you enjoy waving in the mountains when the bilateral double out of the last row for you to create a more radical than the music of the symphony. Red's body to make it in the sunshine exceptionally charming. And such a car, Who can say no to it and marvel at it.

Either from the overall style or appearance, the 911 has been unique, exquisite, so design your own aesthetic style, the same excellent engine performance in power very well. The body shape is also as close as possible aerodynamics concept,  WRX Coilovers these factors allow for 911 became typical of ultra-running. Next we look at today's 911 in the end how this modified sample.

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