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Car news | 25.02.2013 - 22:43

Lamborghini Designed Giugiaro Nitro Tractor

From this title many people say that it's surprise from Lamborghini and their new design called Nitro Tractor.
Nitro Tractor Monster From Lamborghini

People who are older remembered that Lamborghini didn't always make powerful cars, and that Nitro Tractor is nothing weird. After 50 years, they got idea to design new tractor in completely different style. 

Nitro Tractor is designed by Giugiaro with very modern engine cover, LED lights, panoramic convex windows and more.
If you think, it would be powered by last Lamborghinig super car engine, then we must disappoint you. This is not a sport car; it's Nitro Tractor as the name said. However, if you're Lamborghini fan, and you believe them, you'll not be disappointed with this monster specification. It has four-cylinder Deutz Tier 5i unit, and pretty much HP and torque. Until we find out what this monster can really do, we recommend you to watch it's official clip below.
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