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23.10.2014 - 05:05

Shock Absorber Troubleshooting

In determining the shock absorber problems or failure, it should first check whether leakage or shock absorber traces of old oil spills.

In determining the shock absorber problems or failure, it should first check whether leakage or shock absorber traces of old oil spills. Seal gaskets, Ignition Coils for sale gasket rupture damaged oil storage cylinder head nut loose. 
If it is found leaking, first tighten the cylinder head nut oil, if the shock absorber is still leaking, it may be seals, seal washers failure and should be replaced with new seals. If you still can not eliminate oil spills, should pull the damping rod, if they feel there is no issuer or the severity of the moment, and further examination clearance between the piston and cylinder is too large, whether the damper piston rod bent piston rod cylinder surface and if there is scratched or pull marks. 
If the damper is no leakage phenomenon, you should check the damper connecting pins, connecting rods, connecting hole, rubber bushings and other damage, sealing off, break or fall off place. If these were normal, it should be further decomposed damper, check with the gap between the piston and cylinder is too large cylinder with or without strain, the valve seal is good, valves and valve seat are tight fitting and minus stretching vibration of the spring is too soft or broken, take grinding way to repair or replace parts according to the situation. 

In addition, electric sightseeing car shock absorber in actual use will be issued by the sound of failure, car-m.cn This is mainly due to the shock absorbers and springs, frame or shaft collision damage or loss, and damping pads BOOT barrel distortion, lack of oil and other causes, reasons should be identified, to be repaired. 
After the shock absorber during the inspection repair should be carried out in a special test bench performance test, when the resistance frequency when 100 ± 1mm, its resistance to stretching and compression stroke stroke should be specified. Liberation CAl091 done as the biggest obstacle for travel 2156 ~ 2646N, the biggest obstacle for the compression stroke 392 ~ 588N; Dongfeng car trip done the biggest obstacle for 2450 ~ 3038N, compression stroke, the biggest obstacle for 490 ~ 686N. If there is no test conditions, we can also use an empirical approach, which uses an iron rod penetrated the lower end of the damper rings, BMW 3 Series Coilovers with both feet slam both ends, both hands on the rings to pull back and forth 2-4 times, when when pulling up great resistance, do not feel effortless downward pressure, but some recovery compared to pre-stretch resistance and repair, no air-way sense, it indicates damper normal.

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