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22.09.2014 - 15:53

The Value of a High School Diploma

Why do you need to get a high school diploma? Probably you have asked yourself this question several times. Read why having a diploma is so important.

Though it may seem like a cliché, the value of a high school diploma cannot be overstated. Graduating from high school offers tangible career benefits as well as intangible value to the holder. While higher education often leads to even greater career opportunities, for some, graduating high school is a major accomplishment.


While many colleges and universities actually allow people without a high school diploma to apply for admission, your odds of getting admitted to quality schools are significantly greater when you graduate from high school. Colleges usually require that you submit your transcripts with your application for admission. Seeing that you completed high school can influence the perception of the admissions counselor or committee members, as they assess your potential for college success.


A diploma gives you much better odds of landing a job than someone who doesn’t complete high school graduation requirements. The Department of Labor found that a high school diploma meant you were 37.5 percent more likely to get a job than those who did not have a diploma. The diploma also enhances your options, as many employers only consider applicants who have graduated from high school.

Better Pay

The Department of Labor also found that high school diploma holders earned an average of $554 a week compared with $396 earned by employees who lacked a diploma. This adds up to $8,268 more in earnings per year with a diploma. Over the course of a lifetime, the combined earnings differential provides evidence of the tangible value of earning your diploma.


Earning a high school diploma can also provide a significant boost to your self-worth, according to Internet-based Excel High School, which emphasizes this point in recruiting prospective students. Not only does the diploma represent the hard work and education that you have earned, it shows an ability to stick to commitments and persevere through obstacles. When you are applying for jobs and building your career, being able to say you got a high school diploma can greatly improve your confidence in professional and relationship development.

Greater Independence

Graduating from a high school increases the odds of breaking long-term poverty, chronic unemployment and dependence on social services. The Pew Partnership’s study suggests that, as a group, dropouts are more likely to be unmarried or divorced, suffer from chronic health conditions like heart disease or obesity, and require public assistance to survive. In its report, the U.S. Department of Education noted that dropping out costs the economy in terms of greater criminal activity rates, higher reliance on social services, and lower tax contributions.

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