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Security | 05.09.2014 - 12:27

Windshield safety tips for car drivers

Here are a few safety tips to ensure that the auto glass of your vehicle remains protected for long:
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Sit alert while driving your car on a newly metalled road treated with tiny pebbles, sand and salt. There are chances that the other vehicles kick up those stones on the windshield and it might get damaged.

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Since auto-glass cannot withstand sudden temperature shifts, therefore avoid using very hot water to clear the snow from your windshield. This may cause it to crack and eventually break.
Do not make use of metallic or any other hard surfaced object to clean the auto glass as these can harm the windshield and leave deep scratches on it.

Tips to consider while choosing an auto glass repair service

As we know that a windshield is one of the most important parts of any vehicle. It safeguards the inner vehicle form the dust, wind, rain and other things. A windshield also supports the air bag function in a vehicle and indirectly saves your life from accidents. Therefore it is very necessary that you get it repaired and maintained from time to time by professionals.

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Before opting for professional auto glass repair services, you must consider the following:

Make sure that the company you choose employs skilled and experienced mechanics who knows how to handle the particular problem with your auto glass.
While repairing or replacing the auto glass, always make sure that the mechanic follows the instructions provided by the vehicle manufacturer.
Also be sure that the auto glass repair company that you choose follows the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards.
You must also verify the reliability of the company by checking its website.

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