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Auto sport | 04.09.2014 - 08:27

Lamborghini brings killer bull Veneno

Veneno (older) fans of bullfighting may know something by that name to begin:
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Veneno (older) fans of bullfighting may know something by that name to begin: Anno 1914 killed a bull just that name in Andalusia a bullfighter, now the Veneno returns! 

However, not four shuffling hooves,turbo suppliers but on four smoking tires. Lamborghini presents in Geneva just his Veneno, traditionally baptizes the Italian sports car brand all their models after fighting bulls - this one is a real killer. 

Tough on aerodynamics and (little) wind resistance designed to dominate the Veneno numerous air intakes at the front as well as air outlets at the rear, hard to imagine is the basis of almost brave Aventador. Who also wrote the V12 under the hood, which, however, recently held  700 Italo-horses (552 kW) from its 6.5 liters 750 balanced on the Veneno wheels. 

The Power is the killer consistently on the road: in only 2.8 seconds, the Lamborghini Veneno races from zero to 100, the peak exceeds the Aventador at five miles per hour and thus is at 355 km / h. Compared to the basic model of Veneno, however, was also slimmed down to 125 kilos to just 1,450 kilos, for example, thanks to a chassis made of carbon fiber. 

Nevertheless, the Veneno will have rarity value,coilover more than the three Geneva models builds not Lambo. They are also all sold for three million euros apiece.

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