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Car parts & accessories | 04.09.2014 - 07:04

ADS1801 code scanner VAG ECU scan tool

Do you know ADS1801 scanner? ADS1801 how to work with VAG vehicles? What's mainly functions of ADS1801 scan tool? Today, obddiagnosticcenter.com will help you to know it...
ADS1801 code scanner
ADS1801 code scanner

ADS1801 code reader is ADS TECH INC vag ecu code scan tool, it use bluetooth and usb double way to make connection, works for mobile phone, tablet PC, laptop and home PC,supports update on line.

VAG ADS1801 code scanner functions include
       Retrieves ECU information
       Reads DTCs and Clears DTCs
       Displays live data stream
       Basic system adjustment and Channel adjustment
       Reads independent channel data
       Test actuator and Programs control unit
       System log and sends chassis number
It also used to compatible with KWP1281, ISO 9141-2(CARB), ISO 14230(KWP2000) and ISO 15765(CAN) protocol's vehicles, such as volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda sold worldwide since 1990.

Do you wanner have ADS1801 code scan tool? If you need some help or have other advice about it, welcome to obddiagnosticcenter.com, hope you join us and help everyone to know more auto parts..

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