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Car tips & advice | 02.09.2014 - 16:32

Ways You Can Increase the Gas Mileage of Your Car

One of the largest expenses of owning a car is paying for gas. However, there are things you can do to increase your vehicle’s fuel economy. Below is a short list of tips you can use to save plenty of money at the pump.
Ways You Can Increase the Gas Mileage of Your Car


Don’t Idle Your Vehicle

Idling occurs when you are running your engine but not pressing on you accelerator to move your car forward. This is often done at places like stop-lights and fast food drive-through windows. While you can’t do much about idling at stop lights, in other instances like the drive-through, you can simply turn your car off until you are ready to move. This conserves more fuel.


Speed Isn’t Everything

People tend to think driving fast is a good idea because it will save them time. While it may save a few minutes, it may also be eating up a lot more of your fuel. Driving 70 miles per hour instead of 60, for example, could mean losing 4 miles per gallon of your fuel economy. Overall, driving at the posted speed limit or even a bit slower is safer regardless. Being safe in addition to saving money is always a good combination.


Invest in Diesel Performance

Using a diesel engine has certain benefits for motorists. According to Pure Diesel Power, a company that supplies GM diesel performance parts, this includes increased power, stronger reliability, less maintenance and greater fuel economy. In fact, using diesel may mean fuel costs that are up to 50 percent lower than regular gas engines. With this in mind, consider installing diesel parts to save on fuel expenses.


Don’t Warm Your Car Up in the Winter

In the past, automobiles needed to be heated up for an extended period to prevent engine failure in cold weather. However, this is no longer the case with new fuel-injectors. A car now only needs to be heated up for 30 seconds to be safe. Many people may still heat their cars up longer for comfort reasons. However, if your heat is working properly, it isn’t really needed. You will just be wasting gas in exchange for little added benefit.


Overall, gas is indeed very expensive. While motorists may shift away from gas powered cars in the future, in the present, they have to make do with gas and diesel as their main fuel sources. Thankfully, there are ways to improve your car’s fuel economy.

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