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Car parts & accessories | 25.08.2014 - 21:41

5 Jeep Modifications for Off-Road Conditions

While Jeep is known to produce some of the most rugged vehicles on the planet, driving off the sales lot and into rugged terrain will not always be practical.

There are a slew of aftermarket mods that are not only stylish, but will provide the durability and functionality that is needed to tackle any terrain. Here is a look at 5 of the top mods that could make all the difference when pulling off the paved road. 

1. Skid Plates

Having good clearance is mandatory for off-roading, but many Jeep owners tend to forget just how important skid plates are as well. Without skid plates, parts ranging from the chassis to the drive shaft will be exposed to the elements, and this will result in huge repair costs if even a minor mishap takes place.

2. Lockers (Locking Differentials)

Perfect traction is going to be a requirement for rock crawling, mud, sand, water, dirt, and any other type of surface, and a Jeep without lockers is going to be at a serious advantage. This quick and simple mod changes the differentials which forces tires to rotate at the same speed. When the vehicle is imbalanced, energy will not be wasted on tires without traction.

3. Winch

Experienced drivers may hope that they never find themselves in a situation in which a winch is need, but they can quickly become invaluable while out in the back country. A winch rated for the Jeep’s weight will not only be able to pull the vehicle over or around various obstacles, it is also an important tool to help friends get out of a tough spot in their own vehicle.

4. Performance Chips

Performance chips are one of the newest options when it comes to Jeep mods and they can provide an astounding amount of power and energy for the vehicle. These chips can quickly be connected to the engine to not only give a reading on various engine components, but to also adjust power and torque on the fly.

5. High-Mounted Air Intake

Some Jeep owners do opt for an aftermarket air intake system, but a simple addition will provide many of the same benefits is a high mounted air intake. These systems utilize a hose, cowl, or any other form of protection to closely regulate where the air intake draws in fresh air to prevent flooding the engine with water or clogging it with dust.

Now days, Jeep has done a really good job at making sure that these custom parts can be easily installed on their vehicles. But some repairs require a little more specialized attention. According to auto welding experts from Advantage Manufacturing Ltd, these generally are issues that come from rusted components underneath the vehicle.

These five mods and upgrades are just the start when it comes to making the ultimate off-roading machine. Drivers need to carefully match their upgrades to their driving style as well as their terrain to keep their vehicle both powerful and durable.

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