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Car parts & accessories | 20.08.2014 - 11:28

Volvo SLR/EPB reset tool auto service light and electronic park brake reset tool

Volvo SLR/EPB reset tool is obd diagnostic center service light and electronic park brake reset tool for Volvo cars.
Volvo SLR/EPB service tool
Volvo SLR/EPB service tool

The handheld vehicles service tool supports ISO and CAN protocols, can works for petrol and diesel vehicles. Volvo SLR/EPB service tool compatible with early systems, use to resets service messages and lights.

The new Volvo Service Reset and Electronic Park Brake Tool has been designed to extinguish service lights for the range of Volvo vehicles including CAN vehicles. It has been developed with the ability to not only extinguish the dashboard service light but also the messages displayed on the Driver Information Module where applicable.

The Volvo SLR&EPB service tool also allows vehicles equipped with electronic park brake systems to have their callipers retracted, which is required should you need to perform maintenance or servicing of the brake system, including pads, disks, hubs and callipers.

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