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Buying a car | 19.08.2014 - 22:38

6 Questions You Need To Ask Before Buying A New Car To Keep You From Landing A Lemon

6 Questions that will help you to be sure you're not buying a lemon!

It's easy for a prospective new car buyer to allow logic to go out the window the minute they step onto the auto dealer's lot. Don't let your emotion get the best of you when you see all of those shiny new cars equipped with plenty of fancy features. If you don't plan ahead and know the 6 essential questions new car buyers need to ask, you may just find yourself winding up with a lemon.


1. Can I Take the Car On A Test Drive?


No matter how handsome a new car make look on the dealer's showroom floor, you won't really know how it handles until you get the car out on the road and into some daily traffic. A test drive not only allows you to experience firsthand how the car handles and sounds at a variety of speeds, you will also find out if the seating is comfortable and if the amount of space and special features included are exactly those that meet your needs.


2. Has This Car Ever Been Damaged?


North Shore Driving School Ltd is a driving school that is up in Vancouver. They have a pretty helpful blog and this particular question was addressed furthing the importance of making sure that this question is being asked! Even if you are buying a brand new car, there are several instances where your car could be damaged. During the shipping process, even a new automobile may sustain scrapes to its finish that have been covered up with a good paint job. This is also the right time to inquire if the car has been used as a demo or dealer's car. If so, there may already be wear and tear on the automobile which will affect its looks or performance. You obviously don't want to pay new car prices for a new car that already has several hundred miles on the odometer.


3. What Warranty Coverage is Included?


Be very clear about exactly what you will be responsible for paying in the way of maintenance and repairs during your first few years of car ownership. Determine whether any free maintenance services are included.


4. Where Will I Be Able to Get Repair Service?


Some dealers have their own in-house service centers and handle regular maintenance and repairs themselves. Figure out if that location is convenient to your home and whether you can take the vehicle to other authorized service centers.


5. What About After-Market Add-Ons?


Find out if the vehicle already has such add-ons as window tinting, theft recovery system or mud flaps that increase the purchase price and may be expensive to maintain.


6. What's The Actual Cost of the Car?


Asking this question provides you with the real picture of what you'll be paying, including fees and licensing, versus simply talking about low monthly payments.

New car buyers are much more likely to get the best deal and no unhappy surprises by asking these six essential questions before purchasing a new car.

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