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Car news | 28.01.2013 - 13:14

Mitsubishi Recalled 45 Percent of MiEV

Although Mitsubishi has not sold a large number of the MiEV's worldwide, it is an electric vehicle that was found sold to 27,000 customers since it entered the market in the 2009th year.
MiEV recalled by Mitsubishi

Of course, some of these vehicles were sold as the Peugeot iON or Citroen C-Zero. All these manufacturers are now forced to withdraw as many as 14,700 cars due to a problem with the brakes.

The problem arose with electric brake pump, and the decision to withdraw was not caused by some of the National-Security Administration, but the move to the company withdrew to minimize the potential damage.

Most worryingly recalled vehicles represent 45 percent of the total number of copies produced, and it certainly affects the reputation of Mitsubishi as international companies. The European market is revoked with 9000 copies, and the owners must bring it in an authorized dealership where the repair will be done in 30 minutes and will be, of course, completely free.

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