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Security | 15.08.2014 - 00:25

The Top 10 Safest Compact Cars

With some research, you can find a compact car with safety ratings to rival those of larger vehicles.

Compact vehicles have often been said to depreciate more quickly or lack safety features that larger vehicles already have. Some of these complaints have changed in recent years and there are several compact car styles that offer the safety and security of comparable sedans.


Chevrolet Spark


The Chevrolet Spark gained the highest ratings on crash tests. This tiny car features a surplus of airbags and standard electronic stability control and traction control.


Hyundai Elantra


This vehicle in the small car category ranked 5 stars in side crash ratings and high in both rollover and frontal crash tests by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


Chevrolet Volt


The Chevy Volt is a powerful hybrid electric vehicle built to travel for long distances. It features additional standard safety features such as lane departure warning and daytime running lights. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gives this vehicle 5 stars overall.


Chevrolet Cruze


The Chevrolet Cruze has a more refined look to the Volt and features a turbocharged engine. It rated 5 stars on side and frontal crash ratings. This vehicle also has additional traction control features.


Scion tC


The Scion tC Coupe has a strong record for road-gripping power and features an additional smart braking system known as Smart Stop. The engine automatically reduces power when both pedals are pressed in specific conditions. It also features additional brake assist and traction control technology.


Toyota Prius


The Prius has the longest history of hybrid technology and the latest models feature a standard enhanced safety system. This includes traction control and vehicle stability control. It also features the Smart Stop Technology (SST) system for preventing lockups. A tire pressure warning light gives drivers a heads up on when pressure is too high or low.


Ford Fiesta


The Fiesta is a highly recommended small car in hatchback and small sedan versions. Both versions rated high on rollover and side crash ratings by the IIHS. Electronic stability control and traction control come standard with this vehicle.


Honda Civic


The Honda Civic is a classic vehicle that has stood the test of time as an affordable and reliable small car. It rated excellent in side crash and overall crash ratings by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The new Honda Civic features additional brake assist technology and rear head airbags.


Honda Insight


This less fuel-conservative vehicle was rated “Good” on moderate overlap front tests and features similar technology included in the Prius.


Ford Focus


The Focus is a small car with ample power. Excellent fuel economy and one of the highest ratings in side crash tests make this a good choice. Additional driver knee airbags in the Focus have been developed to prevent leg and knee injury in a crash.


A compact car can offer an economical advantage as well as the security of a standard car with the right research. Consider looking into the following vehicles for a test drive today.


Informational credit for this article to the lawyers at Rogers Bussey, who have experience dealing with victims of car accidents in Newfoundland. They recommend finding the safest vehicle possible, especially for those who drive smaller, compact cars.



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