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Car parts & accessories | 14.08.2014 - 08:53

House on wheels – Caravans!

Caravans are a common sight in Australia, New Zealand, UK, US and Europe. These caravans operate and function like a mini home moving on wheels. They make your journey comfortable and flexible with amenities. Let us know more about these vehicles.

A Caravan is known by different names in different countries. It is also addressed as a travel trailer for its utility in travelling. Normally and generally, a Caravan is towed behind a vehicle and is used as a place to sleep while one is on the go. The designs and models of these caravans can vary from one to the other with a basic model used only for sleeping purpose to a high end caravan which envelopes all modern facilities and amenities like a bathroom, entertainment and kitchen. It ensures one is comfortable while travelling and provides a place to sleep in instances where there is no accommodation or one does not want to stay at a hotel or a motel. One can have multiple comforts and luxuries installed in the caravan to give the feeling of a real home while one is travelling. Basic models operate tent-like while the advanced versions can have many rooms, furnishing and furniture to provide all luxuries of a home. Caravan accessories include brake systems, brake controllers, breakaway alarms and kits, controller accessories, towing kits and parts like towball accessories, equalizer and Reese Hitch parts. Towing mirrors, diesel tanks, wind deflectors, plugs, sockets and reversing cameras also form a part of the Caravan accessories. One can accessorize the caravan with multiple utilities like antenna for reception, digital meters, TV mounts and brackets, power supply, connectors and wall plates, cables and washers, frame clamps, wall kits and eyelet kits. Mattresses, kitchen equipment and accessories, containers, furniture, clocks, cookware, hand tools, security systems, books, fire and smoke alarms and extinguishers form a part of the Caravan accessories.

Refrigerators, air coolers, heaters, washing machine, water heaters, gas stoves, sinks, burners, ovens and grills can all be included in the caravan. One can also use caravan covers to protect the van from harsh weather conditions. Caravan parts include the hardware, windows, plumbing material, electrical and gas equipment, chassis, vents and doors. It can also include awnings in various forms, fabric and colors and its tool kit. Water filters, lighting, floor matting, door struts, canopy infills and other building material, deodorizers, valves, Bi-pots, sewer fittings and hoses also form a part of the caravan parts. Bathroom modules, tanks, pumps, shower hoses, mixers and fillers are also important. Caravan hardware is also included in Caravan parts such as cabin hooks, door locks, cleaners, paint and sealers. Gas cylinders, regulators, hoses, nuts, valves and detectors are also essential. There are several dealers in caravan parts in accessories who design the interiors based on the specifications provided by the customer. They can also undertake the cleaning and repair of the caravan and re-fit all the accessories that need a repair or fitting. Caravans can be accessorized to fit one’s needs and requirements like having ladders and steps , bike racks and roof racks, caravan locks and security, electrical supply and towing aids, rain gutters and roof lights, levelers and chocks, cleaning kit and covers as well as modern bathroom accessories. One can clean up the caravan using the cleaning kit and without much effort or time taken. The awning can also be cleaned and rejuvenated using the kit. Caravans can be parked anywhere with a remote control installation. This can help you park your vehicle without hand signals and to maneuver the vehicle around tight spots. One should also use wheel clamps and caravan locks to safeguard the vehicle from thefts and damage. One needs to pay special care to choose the right mats, AC, awning, plumbing, electrical and gas installations to ensure a smooth and glitch-free ride.

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