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Car design | 18.01.2013 - 07:29

Peugeot Design Lab More Than a Car

I represent one of the most popular automobile companies from having more than 200 years of experience in industrial design and more than 120 years in the automotive after which it was famous.
Piano by Peugeot Design Lab

Peugeot's extensive experience from last year is available to  external customers too, through creative design studio Peugeot Design Lab.

Studio is opened in Paris in June last year in the design center ADN, and run by 34-year old Irishman Cathal Loughnane. In less than a year there have been created numerous concepts, some of which are particularly interesting.

Concept Yacht

We are talking about the concept of 30-meter sailing with particularity large glass surfaces that provide exceptional cabin with light. The authors guarantee ease of use and management with a pleasant and safe stay on the yacht, without sacrificing performance and aesthetics.

Powerboat Concept
The concept of a boat with two seats offers exceptional stability and speed while maintaining a high degree of comfort. Long silhouette boat comes in a gray finish with Deck made of wood. Cabin style and quality materials are inspired by the luxury cars.

Concept Jet HX1
As the name suggests, the aesthetic concept of aircraft is based on the concept car HX1, as an example of luxury, high technology and travel in luxurious surroundings. As for modularity, it is possible to accommodate 8 to 14 passengers with superior comfort.

Sports watch TP001

Housing made of black titanium, the  large size buttons and strong resistance to the environment (mechanical and temperature) are the main features of this attractive watch.

Bicycle DL121

This is a special series of bicycle, bicycle border on aesthetic and artistic works, but without sacrificing the convenience of use. Special space is esigned for storage, such as tablets.
Bicycle DL122

Electric bicycle DL122 is designed for Peugeot Cycles in response to the new challenges of urban mobility. It is extremely agile, lightweight, compact and convenient, unique functionality in its class. The space for storing things can put a laptop and Theft is discreetly integrated into the bike.

Electric Kick Scooter

It is an electric three-wheel scooter, ideal for punching through the traffic jams. It is characterized by sporty design, and give him a three-wheel stability, even at low speeds. The electric motor is located in the rear wheel.

Scooter is a fun and easy to ride, and a compact and convenient like a traditional scooter, sometimes unavoidable in urban conditions. There are LED lights front and rear, and has a port for connecting mobile phones, which using the appropriate applications, can display all the necessary information such as speed, battery, GPS, etc.


The piano was designed by renowned piano manufacturer Pleyel's oldest piano manufacturers in the world and the only one in France that produces high-quality pianos. Designers, technicians and experts in acoustics from both companies have been working for months on this product to its technical and musical possibilities and they brought it to perfection. Development lasted for months, with a series of studies and tests.

Piano shape allows viewers to see competitors from all angles. The system of opening the lid, which can be picked up with one hand is taken directly from the world of cars, and reminiscent of the opening of the trunk. Instead of the traditional three, piano standing on one leg is made of carbon fiber and filled with a special foam. The frame is made of steel, wood coffin, and the lid and leg made ​​of carbon fiber.

More about Peugeot Design Lab project.


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