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Car tips & advice | 07.08.2014 - 18:37

What's the Difference? How Fixing a Truck is Different than a Car

Because of size and weight, working on trucks is different than working on cars. Here are some tips so you can make the proper adjustments.

Trucks and cars are not as different as they use to be. Trucks were once considered to be primarily for work or for sport. Comfort and style were not major considerations. While today's trucks have most of the same comforts as the average car, they are still built to be tough. Although there are many similarities, working on the two still has some noticeable differences. Following are a few of them.


Size of vehicle

There are plenty of smaller trucks available, but generally the average truck is several feet longer, noticeably taller and slightly wider than the average car. This can make it very difficult to fit into the average garage and still leave room to move about the vehicle. Large repairs might require you to rent or borrow a larger work space.


Weight of vehicle

Again, the average truck is bigger than a car, and therefore heavier. Ramps designed to safely support the weight of a car would be dangerous to use for a truck. Jacks and hoists would also need to be stronger and sturdier.



Being bigger and heavier than a car, trucks typically have bigger, heavier parts. Especially the drive train and suspension. The tires and shocks on a midsized car would not carry the weight of a truck, just as a smaller lighter axle would not stand up to the torque required to haul a heavy load. Everything that makes a larger vehicle move has to be bigger and stronger than the same part on a car.


Vehicle use               

Even though many trucks never see real work or sport conditions, most of them do. Caked on mud and gravel, road tar and even livestock residue can make a job much more difficult. You don't often have to deal with those things when working on cars.



The only real difference between the tools required for each is the size and strength of them. Everything works pretty much the same way it does on a car, just bigger and heavier.


With all of the new technology and comfort options available to truck owners today, there are many parts that are similar to or even interchangeable with a car. However, what makes a truck what it is, is the differences in the majority of the parts. And most of those differences are realized when you work on it.


Information credited to, Mike's Auto Towing, offering used truck parts in BC.

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