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Car news | 17.01.2013 - 22:22

Corvette Cabrio C7 Version Around the Corner

Many manufacturers sometimes deliberately released publishing photos of their upcoming models to thereby to get more media attention and trigger an avalanche of speculation.
New Corvette C7 or not ?


However, since the amazing Corvette C7 only recently introduced and is still on the front pages of most web portals specializing in cars, we seriously doubt that the image of the Cabrio performance model appeared with the consent of the company itself.

Although General Motors denies the authenticity of photos you can see, it is important to note that it's first published on the website of the company Maisto, one of the largest manufacturers of children's car models in the world.
Before they produce a  model toys they need to see the original in order to breed them in the tiniest details, it is very likely that this is indeed the authentic photographs. Then what's changed in the Cabrio performance in relation to the coupe?  First,   the rear spoiler is removed and it seems that the wheels are slightly smaller, but the rest of the car looks almost identical to the coupe version just inaugurated.


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