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Car design | 06.08.2014 - 19:28

The Best Car Safety Mechanisms For Your Family

The Best Car Safety Mechanisms For Your Family

Ever since car accidents become one of the leading causes of death in Canada, auto manufacturers have endeavored to offer equipment that will decrease the risk to you.
If you want to know which car models are today's safest, Consumer Reports annually publishes a list of cars that can withstand crashes better than others so that car buyers can make an informed purchasing decision.

If you want to know about individual safety features, here are some of the leading safety options or procedures on the market:

Headlights That Follow Your Steering Wheel

This feature has actually been possible since the 1950s, but it is only recently that it has come into vogue as a way to help drivers see better as they drive in less than perfect lighting conditions. According to an Insurance Industry think tank, adaptive headlights have already proved themselves by lowering the risk of accident for drivers that have purchased them as an option.

Forward Collision Avoidance Protection

Previously only available on luxury cars, consumers can now find this type of feature in mid-range sedans that are the most popular cars on the road. It works by using sensors to detect oncoming threats and then warning the driver so the driver can respond in time. Some of the more sophisticated systems couple autonomous braking with collision avoidance so that if the driver doesn't brake, the car automatically will.

Video Cameras

As Mini-vans and SUVs continue to increase in popularity, the number of accidents in driveways where the person backing out could not see the obstacle or person has also increased. Rear-facing video cameras have been available on many models of cars for a few years now. They allow you to ensure that there is no small person behind you as well as allowing you to check behind your vehicle in dangerous parts of town without having to leave the car.

An Understanding of Your Rights in an Accident

This option is something that is free, but remains important should you be unfortunate enough to be injured in an accident. In Vancouver, one series of steps that is frequently used after a car accident involving injury is to contact 911 first, and then contact one of the car accident lawyers in Vancouver, such as Kenneth Cristall Law Corporation, so that they can go to work on your behalf.

Overall, as cars become safer and people understand more about protecting their safety after an accident, the odds of having an accident while driving the highways of Canada are projected to drop.


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