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Car parts & accessories | 06.08.2014 - 10:25

MB SD connect c4 VS MB SD connect c3

Searching for a super diagnostic tools for your Mercedes ? Now, auto diagnostic obd center highly recommended MB Compact 3 Star C3 for benz and MB Compact 4 Star C4 for benz. Do you wanna know the difference of function between Compact 3 and Compact 4?
Multiplexer SD connect Compact 4
Multiplexer SD connect Compact 4

MB SD connect c4 VS MB SD connect c3

1. Compact 4 support wireless diagnosis

2. Compact 4 support not only KL diagnosis and three lines CAN BUS diagnosis, but also UDS diagnostic treaty.
Because the board of Compact 3 didn’t contain UDS treaty chip, the hardware will be eliminated directly.

3. SD connect can do wireless diagnosis. Besides, it use Lan cable connection. So it can support more model computer.

4. Interface components used the military quickly inserted techniques that can support one million times plug, more stably.

5. All of the core components adopt new original packaged chip, plus 24 hours fatigue test, to ensure product stable release.

6. Support language: English, Germany, Franch, Italy, Spain, Portuguese, Finland, Denmark, Swedish and so on.

Our Mercedes star c4 diagnostic CONNECT are distinguished in its top quality. By focusing on its chip quality and cable materials, it works stablely both with cable and wifi.

To make sure it is 100% in good working, we will test it with car connection before shipment.

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