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Car parts & accessories | 01.08.2014 - 16:48

Diesel Performance Parts to Jack Up Your Ford Truck

If you love the look and functionality of a jacked up truck, read on to learn how to trick out and jack up your ride.

Jacked up trucks are highly popular these days. Many people have seen them roaring down the highway, lifted high above the road and rolling on big tires. Some people have the customized paint jobs of these vehicles at car shows and monster truck competitions. However, some people just don’t know jack about what makes jacked up trucks.


Understanding about Jacked Up Trucks


Jacked up trucks are typically the types of trucks that are lifted higher off the ground with big tires and other modifications that are considered “tricked out.” These trucks have long been recognized as monster trucks or lifted trucks. Truck enthusiasts will modify a standard, heavy duty pickup truck with a lift kit complete with spaces and extended shocks.

Beyond just the installation of a lift kits, jacked up trucks usually undergo other modifications that can require welding and fabrication. Customization is a signature of jacked up trucks. In many cases, the more extreme the modifications a truck has undergone make it a more impressive jacked up truck.


Identifying Prime Jacked Up Truck Candidates


Most jacked up trucks began as standard pickup trucks. Start by identifying what type of truck you want to modify. Chevy, Dodge and Ford make up the bulk of jacked up trucks. The Ford F Series line of trucks make for a collection of heavy duty trucks with standard features that appeal to truck enthusiasts.


Choosing Either Diesel or Gasoline Engines


When considering a jacked truck candidate, one of the main considerations beyond the make and model of the truck is the type of engine. Heavy duty trucks are usually either gasoline or diesel engines. For instance, Ford’s F Series trucks include either a diesel powered engine or one of its famous Triton engines in either V-8 or V-10 models. The choice on the type of engine comes down to the fuel economy of the diesel engine or the mighty horsepower of the gasoline version.


Finding Accessories and Parts


Jacked up trucks are usually accessorized with extra lighting and modified aftermarket parts. These accessories are applied both under the hood and chassis as well as on the body of the vehicle. Identify wholesalers and retailers offering diesel engines parts and aftermarket accessories for conversions and upgrades to everything from the transmission to the vehicles aesthetics. There is a bevy of knowledge about tricked out Ford diesel performance parts from sources like Pure Diesel Power.


Jacking up a truck is more than a notion. It requires planning, including identifying the type of truck and engine to modify. Knowing where to get aftermarket parts and accessories is also a necessity.

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